I received an email from a mother/son app developing team based in Bulgaria yesterday.  Marina and Hrisoto Staykov released the app Amaziograph and thought I might find it to be a useful app in the art room.  They generously gifted their app to me to explore, and let's just say I was hooked immediately!  

This app takes me back to the days when I taught my students how to create tessellations using paper and markers.  The discovery of the Amaziograph app is inspiring me to want to teach how to create 21st century tessellations using iPads.  This video is a demo of how to use some of the functions within the app.  There are a number of grids and possible lessons that can be taught using this app.  I am looking forward to teaching traditional as well as digital tessellation- making in the art room.  

View the "How To" demo video I created below to see how I created my tessellations. 

The mirror  and kaleidoscope grids are also wonderful.  I recall teaching a lesson in which students wrote their names in script on a folded paper, superimposed the continuous line in their names and then designed an insect out of the letters.  With this app, students can turn the iPad sideways, write their name on the line and print their names in mirror image format.  Then, they can use traditional tools to design their insects, aliens, etc (see below).

 (First Name Written in Script)

(First Name Printed and Flipped Vertically: Ready to Transform into Insect/Alien/etc.)

The kaleidoscope function can be used to draw snowflakes, flowers, mandalas, etc.   

There are plenty of ways for us art teachers to design rich and engaging lessons that can incorporate traditional and traditional tools using this app.



01/02/2013 15:47

Hi Suzanne

Thanks so much for testing the app and creating the video. It looks amazing! I am currently looking for a tessellation app for iPad.

01/02/2013 16:11

Hi Rina,
Amaziograph is a great app! The app developers are in contact with me and mentioned that they are willing to gift promo codes to art teachers. Let me know if you are interested.

Maria Levenstein
01/11/2013 22:56

Hi Suzanne, I would be interested in this app...are they still willing to give promo codes to art teachers? If so, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much...very inspiring!


02/20/2013 12:24

Hi Suzanne!! This app looks AWESOME and I have been looking for a tesselation app for my students....do you think they would gift me the promo code?? I am excited to try it out!

01/02/2013 20:20

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing App Suzanne. I have been looking for one for a long time and thanks to you and its great designers our students will be able to explore the App's possibilities during 2013.
Very Best Wishes for the New Year from Yvonne.

01/02/2013 21:50

Hi Yvonne, I am so happy that you are just as excited about this app as I am! The app developers of Amaziograph are making it possible to create tessellations and more in ways we have never been able to before! They are very kind people to boot! Happy Tessellating!

Jim Zinsmeister
01/03/2013 08:56

Suzanne: A very interesting app that I'm sure your students--and you!--will enjoy using in the coming years!

01/05/2013 14:30

Hi Jim! Yes, we will certainly enjoy this app for years to come. It's a keeper for sure. Hope you are doing well.

01/08/2013 15:17

On behalf of Amaziograph team, I would like to inform you that the new release 1.1 is available for download and upgrade. We have added new symmetry: Rotation in hexagons, improved features and fixed bugs.
We are so glad to see you enjoy using the app like we do.

Erin Green
01/22/2013 19:28

Hi...I would like to try out this app to use with my students. Are they still doing promo codes?

01/27/2013 09:47

Hi Erin, Yes, the app developer just emailed me to let me know they are still interested in gifting their app. Here is the email address for you to reach them staykova.marina@gmail.com Have fun!

Daryn Martin
02/01/2013 12:21

I searched the App Store from my IPhone and didn't find it? I guess I could just email the developer?

02/01/2013 13:02

Hi Daryn, Amaziograph is an iPad app. You will need to search for it on your iPad or computer, not your phone. Here is the link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amaziograph/id586076398?ls=1&mt=8 Have fun!

Gina Sullivan
02/20/2013 12:32

Never mind! I scrolled down and saw where you left the developers email, so I just went ahead and emailed them. I wish more app developers knew that we would test out their apps for them! I would totally be up for that!


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