Inspired by the fall season and artwork by artists at one of our buddy schools (Dryden), 3rd grade artists at B.A. created these beautiful pumpkin landscapes. Thanks Mrs. Fuglestad and Dryden artists! Watch the video above to see us working diligently in the art room.  

Students used our interactive whiteboard to practice concepts digitally before working physically at their tables. We looked at the lines that Vincent Van Gogh painted in the "Starry Night" and then used our digital markers to trace over some of the swirls and spirals in the painting.

Students then mixed primary colors blue and yellow to make the secondary color green to paint the grass. They mixed primary colors blue and red to make the secondary color purple to paint the wind in the sky. 

Artists cut out three pumpkins. We discussed foreground, middleground and background before gluing the pumpkins into place. Some students practiced moving pumpkin shapes around digitally on our interactive whiteboard prior to working physically. 

Worksheets and our whiteboard enabled students to practice drawing curved lines on pumpkins prior to drawing them on their artwork to make the pumpkins look more three dimensional and round. The artists cut, glued, and outlined leaves onto their landscapes and outlined their pumpkins and horizon lines as well.

Students will be reminded that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on all that we are thankful for and will have the opportunity to compose artist statements that will appear under their artwork in their Artsonia galleries. See students typing their artist statements in this video below.
I am thankful to be able to share my love of art with my amazing student artists! 

Please view the "3rd Grade Pumpkin Landscapes" galleries on Artsonia by clicking the "Artsonia" tab at the top of this page.  I am sure that students would be "thankful" to receive comments about their work.  Click on the "Comment" bubble on your child's gallery page to send a web comment.  Also, remember to log into your Artsonia account to approve comments.  After you approve them, they will appear on your child's page.  If you need assistance, please contact me using the form on the home page of this website. 


11/15/2011 20:32

That video was AMAZING!!!!!!!I loved it so much!And I felt so COOL watching myself in a video.

11/15/2011 20:37

WOW!!!that was a very good job Mrs.Farbers class!I am really looking forward to your '' I am thankful for''.

11/17/2011 07:01

Hi Shree! How nice of you to leave comments! It truly is amazing to be able to post videos and photos of students working in the art room this year! I am happy that you felt "so cool" to see yourself on the B.A. Art Website!

11/17/2011 20:41

Well,thank you,you know,I'm the one that wears your'' favorite art class''shirt.Oh,and you should keep putting the school on this webasite.

Amita shah
11/21/2011 14:15

Wow!!! Amazing art work by our 3rd graders.
It was super cool to watch students use the white board. Ms.Tiedemann u r the best art teacher...u inspire our children...thank u!!!

11/21/2011 19:02

Mrs. Shah,

Thank you for for taking the time to share your feedback! I think that it is super cool to have an interactive whiteboard in the art room this year too! I am having a lot of fun trying to learn new ways for my students and I to infuse it into lessons. It is helping to transform the way I teach as well as how my students learn. Your compliment brought a huge smile to my face tonight. My students inspire me equally!

Thank you again!


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