Today, Kindergarten students used our Interactive Whiteboard to learn how to draw.  We looked at a photograph of a penguin and discussed the various lines and shapes we noticed. Then, a few students took turns outlining the lines and shapes on top of the penguin photo and a work of art created by a student last year.  Practicing digitally helped these little artists, because students were then able to draw the same lines and shapes onto their papers. 

They will be painting the snow and the bellies of their penguins next week.  The week after that, they will be learning about a career in art, Fashion Design!  We will talk about the clothes we are all wearing, the fabrics they are made with, and the colors and designs we see too. We will talk about Fashion Design and how everything we wear was first planned by an artist. Students will be asked to design a "one of a kind" fashionable hat for their penguins. They will cut and glue their hats in place to make sure their penguins are ready for the snow that will be falling soon. Be sure to check our Artsonia gallery soon so you can see their finished Penguins sporting their fashionable hats!    

Here is the link to our B.A. Artsonia gallery if you would like to see other artworks by B.A. students:
Some 1st grade artists used our interactive whiteboard to practice making visual texture before actually drawing textures on their papers. Others practiced on worksheets at their tables.