So many students visit the art room each day to share fabulous artwork that they make at home.  When I ask them if they will be uploading their work to their Artsonia galleries, they usually say, "I don't think my parents know how".

Mrs. Snyder and her 4th grade daughter Libby have been uploading Libby's artwork together from home using an iPhone and the free Artsonia app 
for awhile now.  Mrs. Snyder was kind enough to answer a few questions so that you can learn more about how this works from a parent's perspective, and both Libby and Mrs. Snyder created a wonderful tutorial video for you too (see below). 

Question 1. Can you describe how you used the Artsonia app to upload Libby's artwork to her gallery (step by step)?
Answer:  Step 1 Go to iTunes and download Artsonia app (It’s free)!
Step 2 Sign into the app using your login information from the Artsonia website.
Step 3 At the main screen you can choose to take a new photo or use existing.  Make your selection (I chose to take a picture of the artwork)
Step 4 The artwork is now uploaded, and you can edit it, rotate the image, crop it, straighten or brighten it. 
Step 5 Save the edited artwork
Step 6 Select artist name and grade then click “Publish”.
The artwork shows up in the artist's gallery in a day or two.

Question 2. How long did it take you to upload Libby's artwork to her Artsonia gallery?
Answer:  It took about 5 minutes to upload to the gallery, maybe 10 the first time you use the app
Question 3. How difficult is it to upload artwork using the Artsonia app?
Answer:  It is not difficult at all to upload, quite the opposite. The ability to use my smartphone to take the picture makes it super convenient. I don't download pictures from my camera often enough so if I had to use a camera, download to a computer then upload to Artsonia, I don't think I'd ever get around to it, but using my phone makes it very easy (and Libby very happy).

Question 4.  Why did you take the time to upload Libby's independent artwork to her gallery?
Answer:  I took the time to upload it because I actually stumbled upon the app thought it was interesting and downloaded it. When I told LIbby she got excited and wanted to me to upload the artwork, so we did.

Question 5. How do you think your participation in helping Libby's gallery to grow will benefit Libby?
Answer:  I think my participation in uploading LIbby's artwork to the gallery has shown her that I am interested in her artwork and made her more excited about doing art projects at home. She is already creating new things she wants to upload. 

Question 6. What advice would you offer other parents who would also like to upload the artwork their child creates at home to Artsonia?Answer:  Advice I would give other parents is it is so easy and takes no time to upload and then the whole family can enjoy seeing all of your child's creations. My sister lives far away and she would rarely get to see any of the projects the kids work on, but when it is there on the computer she can share and comment on.  Both my girls, Libby and her sister Maddie love hearing all of the comments everyone leaves about the artwork.

Thank you Mrs. Snyder and Libby for sharing your uploading tips and tutorial!