Janine Campbell is an art teacher who teaches art in Michigan at Byron Center Middle School.  She and I met on Twitter and are both a part of our PLN (Professional Learning Network) that includes art teachers, artists, and others.  

After the B.A. Art Blog won the Edublog "Best Teacher Blog" award, Ms. Campbell requested an interview with me. She mentioned that  she was writing a post for the Michigan Art Education Association blog and  wanted to include my insight into the concept of blogging and how it relates to the art room and education. I was flattered to be asked and enjoyed taking the time to reflect about the benefits of having a blog.  She posted our interview Q&A on the Michigan Art Education Association blog today.  Thank you Janine for this opportunity! Link to her blog post here:   http://bit.ly/tYDXyy 
When I visited the Percolator App Facebook page last night, I saw that the app developers had posted a link to our B.A. Artsonia gallery featuring the percolated images that our 4th graders created in art class!  This will be so exciting for students to see that the people who invented the app we are using are connecting with us and sharing our work with the world.  The people at Percolator and I have also been connecting on Twitter too!  I received a direct message the other day from them asking about how my students enjoyed the new animations in their updated version. They also shared that they are working on a video version.  It looks like we have even more to look forward to from the talented folks behind this cool app.  See B.A. "percolated" artwork in these two Artsonia galleries:   



Learn more about Percolator here:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/percolator/id385454903?mt=8