Above is an inspirational Ted Talk by a 6th grade app developer named 
Thomas Suarez.  

5th grade students at B.A. worked in groups, pretending to be app developers. Initially, their task was to brainstorm and discuss what apps might help to solve problems or fill a need in the world. Each group then discussed the purpose of their app, the features their app may have, how much they would sell it for, and decided whether or not they felt that this app would be marketable. 

Working as a team required students to collaborate and communicate their ideas to ensure that their efforts would be successful. Many groups invented one series of apps so that they could each create a variation to be released at different dates. This idea required students to design a logical sequence that would be applied to each new app. For example, some felt it would be wise to release the first app of their series for free to gain interest. Then, if their app was a success, they said they could release other apps with more features and priced accordingly. 

After viewing various icons in the iTunes Store, students were required to design icons that they felt would best represent their products. They each wrote descriptions about their apps, and listed the app features and price. 

See 5th grade app ideas and icons in our Artsonia galleries:





Some students participated in a Skype Video call with an app developer named James Alliban yesterday. We have created art using a couple of Mr. Alliban’s apps in the art room (Composite and Konstruct ), so it was very meaningful for us to have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be an app developer. Stay tuned to see the video footage that students took during our conversation with Mr. James Alliban.