For months, I have been working on building a website for a presentation titled, "There's an App for That", that I will be giving with art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad at the National Art Education Association Conference on March 3rd. Instead of distributing handouts, we will be inviting those who attend our presentation to link to our content on the new website. Last night I finally put the finishing touches on the site and it is ready to be shared with the world!  

View the iPads in Art site here You will notice that Tricia and I shared our thoughts about iPads in the art room on the home page.  Explore the tabs at the top of the page to view our student's iPad art, our iPad videos on our Vimeo channels, resources that we and others have created, and iPad paintings by famous artists too.  

Tricia and I are looking forward to sharing our work along with providing many great tips at the NAEA Conference.  Now that this website is finished, I need to finish my Keynote slides.  It finally feels like everything is starting to come together!  Very exciting!