This video features Mariaelis and Jenna talking about Mariaelis' honorable mention award in the Teachers Against Prejudice global art contest, their friendship, and the qualities they look for in a good friend!
Mariaelis, Alex, and Jenna! Alex joined us because she wanted to support her friends and was very happy to celebrate this special honor! 
Congratulations Mariaelis for winning honorable mention in the Teachers Against Prejudice Art Contest!

Teachers Against Prejudice (TAP) invited students to participate in an art contest.  The theme was, "Sharing Cultures".  The requirements were that the artwork must depict two or more people who are different from each other, possibly sharing customs and/or traditions. 

Mariaelis' artwork was an obvious choice for this contest.  Her piece was inspired by her friendship with her pal Jenna.  In her artist statement, Mariaelis wrote, " I made this picture for my best friend Jenna.  She inspires me a lot and tries to help me and we've known each other for a long time.  We have our ups and downs.  We are very different and have different hair color etc.  It does not matter about differences.  It matters about the care and the fun about being with the person.  This is why I picked Jenna, because we have a lot of differences but we don't care.  We are unique in our own way."  

Mariaelis, I hope you are proud of yourself for this wonderful achievement!  Your artwork and the meaning behind it support our district's character education goals and is a wonderful reminder for all to appreciate diversity!

See the results of the contest here: