Below are photos that art teacher, Linda Devlin, posted to our Shells for NJ Shores Facebook page after her art room had been completely demolished by Hurricane Sandy.  Mrs. Devlin's art room was in the basement of her school, St. Rose High School, in Belmar and the water had filled the space from floor to ceiling. Nothing was salvageable.  Aside from the obvious damage caused to the room and all of the furniture and art materials inside, the flood waters also destroyed all of the artwork her students had created.  This is particularly heartbreaking for high school students because many were in the process of building their portfolios for their college interviews.  

B.A. artists created and sold our shell-themed artwork at the East Brunswick Craft Fair and continued to make sales at school throughout December. See pics and read about this amazing day here in my previous blog posts:

We are hoping that our donation of $1673.00 to the St. Rose High School Art Department will help them in their recovery and rebuilding process. 

Learn more about how my students and I created the Shells for NJ Shores art project, see photos and read stories of the many students across the U.S. who have been joining us to raise money for hurricane relief!

Collaboratively, we have raised and donated $22,390.19 by selling our students shell-themed art and this dollar amount continues to increase each week! 

Through creativity and kindness, we are making a difference! 

Please share our website with anyone you think may want to participate.

Photos: St. Rose High School Art Rooms
Click image above to link to the full article about our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Students who were interested in spray painting our shells met me outside during their recess a couple of weeks ago.  We had large groups of very enthusiastic kids who wanted to learn how to apply spray paint. They were willing to wait on long lines just to have a chance to put on the safety goggles and spray a shell gold! One group decided to sing winter carols while waiting. 

We will be selling these shells as ornaments ($5.00 each) at the East Brunswick Craft Fair this Saturday from 10am - 5pm at East Brunswick High School! 100% of all purchases will be donated toward Hurricane Relief through our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Flyers about this event were sent home with students last week. I've added a copy of this flyer below featuring the details.  We are hoping many families will be able to attend. 

Last week, South Brunswick Patch reporter, Davy James, contacted me and asked if he could talk to me about our Shells for NJ Shores project.  We chatted on the phone about how Shells for NJ Shores began, the artwork we and other artists are making and how we are raising money to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.  Read all about it here:

Visit our Shells for NJ Shores Website to see more pics, read about other participating schools, and track how much money we are raising together to donate!

Mark your calendar for December 15th!  B.A. will be selling our shell crafts at the East Brunswick High School Craft Fair. See Flyer below for details! 

B.A. Artists Will Be Selling Shell-Themed Art!
100% of Purchases will be Donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief

Brunswick Acres Artists have teamed up with the East Brunswick Craft Fair!  We will be selling our shell-themed ornaments, magnets, key chains and more to raise money to donate toward Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. 

Learn more about how B.A. artists, artists within NJ and other states are making a difference by selling our artwork and tracking our collaborative efforts here:

Please join us on Saturday, December 15th. 

Please help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog post.

Our school, Brunswick Acres is competing for the $5000 Kris Wine and Americans for the Arts grant.  Please VOTE for Brunswick Acres.

How To Vote:
*Click this link and "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page

*Type Brunswick Acres in the search box
*Click the red pushpin
*Check the box
*Vote daily until October 31st

The winner is based on the total number of Facebook votes for the top school.  We are currently in 1st place, but noticed that another school advanced 600 votes in one day on Friday.  Our school has been averaging 100 votes per day, so we are hoping that our music video will inspire others to vote for us to keep us in the lead.  We felt it was important to approach this as a creative project instead of just soliciting votes, because we want to prove that we are worthy recipients to receive an arts grant.  

Our video is posted on Vimeo and YouTube! Please consider sharing it with as many people as possible to generate support and votes!

If we win, we will use the money to purchase art supplies.  The cost of supplies continues to rise while our art budget get lower and lower each year.  My students are very respectful with materials.  This grant money would last us for years to come.  

Vote B.A. Oh Yeah!   Thank You!!!

Hi Carly Rae Jepsen!  We hope you like our parody :) Thanks for writing such an awesome song!  Students in every grade (K-5) knew Call Me Maybe, so creating a parody they could sing along to was so much fun for them! 

All the Best,

~Suzanne Tiedemann
Art Teacher
Brunswick Acres Elementary School

5th grade artists learned how to create traditional pinch pots using Crayola Model Magic clay, and then turned their pots into creatures by adding facial features, arms, legs, and tails. 

Before starting this project, we looked at pinch pot creatures that 5th graders at Greenbrook School made using our interactive whiteboard, iPads, and laptop. Some B.A. 5th grade artists used Flip Video cameras to video themselves asking questions about the challenges that they were wondering might lie ahead and complimented the Greenbrook artists on their work as well. 

I imported my student's videos into iMovie, uploaded the file to our B.A. Vimeo Channel, and sent a link to our video to Mrs. Kipnis (the Greenbrook Art Teacher). Mrs. Kipnis shared our video with her artists and they created a reply video for us that was filled with wonderful advice and tips that they thought would be beneficial for us to know. 

Now that our district's web/media policies have been updated, the doors have been opened for student's to collaborate in richer and more meaningful ways. It was really exciting to utilize 21st century technology and web tools and connect with other artists at another school in our district. 

We are hoping that both the B.A. and Greenbrook artists will be able to talk about and admire many of these pinch pot creatures in person at the District Art Gallery this year. 

Thank you again to Mrs. Kipnis and her 5th grade artists for inspiring us and for providing advice and inspiration!

View the B.A. Pinch Pot Creatures in these four Artsonia galleries: 

 Greenbrook Pinch Pot Creatures in their Artsonia gallery
Mrs. LaRocca's 3rd grade students accessed their artwork using an online form that I created on Artsonia. From within their classroom, students took turns finding their work within the form. They typed their artist statements and clicked "submit" when they were finished. 

Since I could not be there while they were doing this work, I gave Mrs. La Rocca one of our Flip Video cameras and asked if students could film each other for a few seconds so that I could see them working on their statements. 

It was a pleasure to read and approve all of the artist statements from within my teacher account on Artsonia. All statements are now posted underneath student artwork in our gallery:

We did not have enough time during art class for students to write their statements. Thank you Mrs. La Rocca for allowing students to compose their statements during your class time and for participating in this wonderful art, writing, and 21st century skills cross curricular lesson!