I was pulled offline to attend a "21st Century Learning Committee" meeting for one day.  I designed a lesson for my substitute that would provide the opportunity for students in grades K through 5 to create a collaborative work of art.  

The substitute read the book, "Ish" by Peter Reynolds to each class. This is a story of a young boy who has doubts about his artistic abilities. His little sister helps him to learn to have an appreciation for his own style of creating.  The vase that he was trying to draw may not have looked exactly as it did in real life, but it looked vase-ish!  

Students created ish drawings all day and taped them together to form a quilt-ish on the wall outside of the art room.  

I was so excited to return to school the next morning to see all of these "Ish" drawings!

See photos of their work above and watch a short narrated video clip of the story below.