Is it possible to create a mixed media work of art digitally?  It is when you are using a wonderful collage based app combined with a drawing/painting app! 

Pretty soon, my students will be creating mixed media portraits using our art room iPads!  In the past, we've created artwork using the app Faces iMake, however, we were always so pressed for time being that we only had a few iPads.  In the interest of trying to give everyone a few minutes to create a collage portrait, students often felt rushed.  

Now that we are fortunate enough to have a class set of iPads in our art room, students will be able to work on projects from week to week using their very own iPads. 

They will start out using the Faces iMake app
and will select, size and arrange various objects to make a face.  

Then, they will save their work and import the image into the Brushes app 

Using our styluses, students will outline and paint new details over their collages. Be sure to visit our Artsonia Gallery to see these works of art when they are finished! 

3rd grade students in Mrs. Farber's class explored the app, "Brushes" on our iPads! They discussed ideas and solved problems while navigating the app. They learned how to paint using digital layers for the first time, which was very exciting. They encouraged and complimented each other while working, which was truly wonderful to see.  Infusing technology in the art room is only possible when all students work responsibly, respect each other, and try their very best. Congratulations to Mrs. Farber's class! I am looking forward to creating more opportunities for you to learn how to use the iPad as a creative tool!
The Donors Choose grant that I wrote "My 21st Century Artists Need 21st Century Paintbrushes" was fully funded.  Gap Inc. and an anonymous donor generously donated money that enabled us to have four digital styluses to use with our iPads.  Donors Choose requires teachers to send thank you letters created by students to our donors, which we were happy to do of course.  Other requirements are that teachers must type an online thank you letter and upload six photos of students using the grant funded materials.  Click this link to see photos of students using our new styluses, read the grant proposal and thank you letter.  Thank you again to Donors Choose and to our anonymous donor and Gap Inc.!