Can you believe it? This "Zonkey Critter" was found hanging out in the South Brunswick Public Library!  Critters have popped up from Cape Cod to the Caribbean, from Seattle to South Korea. 

Ian Sands is an art teacher at Apex High School in North Carolina. He is a member of my PLN (professional learning network) on Twitter.  Mr. Sands creates Critters and releases them into the public so that they can be found by others and released again. It was such a wonderful surprise to find one of his Critters in our library! Last year, Mr. Sands sent one of his Critters to me in the mail and I shared it with my students. Juliet saw the Critter featured in this photo at our township library and she could not wait to bring it to school to show it to us before she releases it.  

Visit the Critters on Zonkey Street website to see photos of where other Critters have been discovered   http://www.zonkeystreet.com/travel.html

The instructions on the Zonkey Critters ask people who find them to post  photos to the Facebook Fan Page (Critters on Zonkey Street) so that we can track their travels.  I wonder where this third grader will release this Critter and who will find it next!