Brandon Dominguez is a nine year old boy who has brain cancer. He is a student at Greenbrook Elementary, another school in my district. Last night, I saw Brandon’s website and read articles about Brandon and how people in the community have been coming together to support Brandon. Though I do not know Brandon personally, after reading about him, learning about his interests and about this past year that he has had cancer, he touched my heart deeply. 

Instead of teaching the lessons I had planned for today, I shared Brandon’s website and story with my students in grades ranging from Kindergarten to 5th. I discovered that some students know Brandon or have heard of him. A couple of students were former Greenbrook Elementary students who shared stories about how their school came together for Brandon. 

In art class, students made cards featuring meaningful symbols and images that they know Brandon will appreciate. Many students wanted to draw cakes after reading about how much Brandon loves the Cake Boss. Others drew tributes to the Dallas Cowboys, inspired by the photo of Brandon featured on his website where he is smiling a big smile and holding an autographed photo of Tony Romo. We are hoping that Brandon will smile when he watches this video and receives our cards and sculpture cakes. We are thinking about him and hoping he feels better soon. Please visit to learn about how you can help support Brandon. There, you can make a donation, purchase a t-shirt, see pics and videos, and even leave a comment for Brandon to read. Stay Strong Brandon!