We read the book, "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister during art class and we all agreed that sharing is a very important skill to learn. We also admired the illustrations in the book, noticing the shapes and colors of the fish and sea plants. 
Students are creating a mixed media piece featuring their own rainbow fish. We had a few minutes at the end of class and students took turns drawing a collaborative rainbow fish. They remembered all of the steps! Soon, their work will be posted to their Artsonia galleries for all to see. 

The song featured in this video is titled, "Staircase". by Dan Leigh. 

When Riley was in Kindergarten, she created a mixed media 2D work of art inspired by the book, "The Rainbow Fish" in my class (see photo in Riley's hand).  Riley is in 2nd grade now and brought this amazing sculpture to art class with her!  She said that she and her father created a 3D wood sculpture based on her Kindergarten rainbow fish.  Riley paid careful attention to the details and painted the sculpture to resemble her 2D work.  Her classmates shared in the excitement when Riley shared this!  It makes me smile to know that she and her family enjoy being creative together! Great job Riley!