I just found out that I will be presenting at the National Art Education Association Conference this year in New York City! I was invited to co-present with two incredible art teachers in my PLN (Professional Learning Network).  Tricia Fuglestad and Theresa Gillespie are motivational and inspiring art teachers who teach in two different school districts in Illinois.  We are joining forces to present the various ways we have been infusing the iPad into our art programs with our students. 

Are you wondering how we are preparing for this presentation being that we live in other states and we cannot meet in person?  We are connected on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and we are members of Arted20.ning.com network too (a community of 800+ art teachers around the world).  We share ideas using these online networks.  We are privately collaborating by documenting our iPad experiences on a Wiki.  The three of us have access to the Wiki and we all add content to it.  We list the names of the apps we are using, the apps purpose in art education, a link that demonstrates how we are using the app, and other special notes such as how much each app costs. See our Wiki here:

Click "Wiki Home" once you are on the Wiki.

The NAEA Conference is not until March 2012, but as you can see, we already have a lot of great ideas to share with other art teachers!  This will be my first time presenting at the NAEA Conference.  I am

h-APP-y (and a little nervous) about having the APP-ortunity to present with Tricia and Theresa. 

Here is a silly little song that I recorded to celebrate our proposal being accepted by NAEA. I used “Songify”, an app that I downloaded yesterday to create this little ditty.  I figured it was only appropriate to use an app to celebrate the moment.  Tricia Fuglestad’s Twitter handle is “Fuglefun”.  Theresa Gillespie’s handle is "Greeneyegal".  I tweeted this song so that they would hear it on Twitter.  People in our PLN will recognize their names.  
Listen to this song by clicking on the speaker icon below.

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