NAEA12 NYC presentation w/ Trica Fuglestad.  Our preso: There's an App for That: iPads in Art Education
My head is still spinning from how amazing the NAEA conference in New York was, and I was only there on Saturday! Though my time was limited, I walked away with lasting memories and very meaningful experiences that are resonating with me and have me dreaming up new possibilities for my students and my art program.

Some of the highlights were that we got to listen to famous artist and photographer, Chuck Close,  talk about his life as an artist. We met 10 year old child prodigy and famous artist, Autumn de Forest too.  She is an incredibly talented young girl with a beautiful spirit and energy to match.

We spoke with Jim Meyers (CEO of Artsonia) for quite awhile about our experience with Artsonia, their new app, and the amazing opportunity they provided for us to have our students featured on the Big Screen.  

 I met so many art teachers from my Twitter PLN (Professional Learning Network) for the first time and was able to put faces to the names of those who have been inspiring me for over a year now.  We all met for dinner, including the Artsonia reps, and approximately 20 others from Twitter.   

The biggest highlight for me was presenting for the first time at NAEA with renowned art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad. Our presentation room was packed. It was really something else to see so many art teachers interested in learning how we infuse ipads in our art programs with our students.   I hope that they will be able to use much of what we shared with their students. 

If you haven't checked out our iPads in Art website, you can link to it here 

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