Mrs. Theresa McGee, art teacher at Monroe Elementary School in Hinsdale, IL participated in the International Day of Peace by having her students make Pinwheels for Peace

She then shipped her student's pinwheels to various people to help spread the message of peace to others.  Mrs. McGee created a Google Map that reveals the many destinations that her student's pinwheels have traveled to.  We were thrilled to receive three pinwheels! Visit the Google Map link and click on the Brunswick Acres pinwheel marker on the map to see a photo of 2nd graders holding the pinwheels in our art room!  Take a moment to view some of the other photos of the various pinwheel locations.,-74.556656&spn=0.281458,0.494385&iwloc=0004b34a206fa5639ad34

Our plan is to continue to spread the message of peace by giving them to others.