Most 3rd graders in Mrs. Farber's class needed extra time to complete their Alice in Wonderland inspired Teacups.  As they finished, I allowed them to explore our new iPads. First, they learned how to take an online art assessment quiz. After they finished the quiz, they spent a few minutes learning how to take photos using PhotoBooth.  They found the "mirror" effect and many others to be hilarious.  Take a look at the photos above and you will see why! 

The creative idea of posing with iPads in front of their faces came from one of these students! Click on the images to see larger versions.   

This was the first time that students learned how to take photos using PhotoBooth.  In the future, students will be using our iPads to photograph their artwork and much more.  
Students used the Google Chrome extension, "Masterpiece Me" to create cubist self portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso. They first took their own photographs using PhotoBooth on our iMacs. Then, they imported to "Masterpiece Me", used sliders to select shape sizes, and clicked to overlap shapes onto their portraits. 

Many of these students learned about Picasso during art class in previous grades, making this digital experience more meaningful. 

View student abstract self portraits in our Artsonia gallery: 
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