B.A. artists folded 1810 paper cranes to raise money to help with the rebuilding of Japan.  These cranes translated into $3620.00 as the Bezos Family Foundation donated $2.00 for every crane they received through on StudentsRebuild.org campaign.   Over 2 million cranes from 38 countries and all 50 states were created, packed, and shipped.  The Bezos Family Foundation ultimately donated $400,000 and an anonymous donor came forward to donate another $100,00, making $500,000 for Japan!

Inspired by the outpouring of support, renowned artist, Vik Muniz decided to get involved with this project too.  He used thousands of student folded paper cranes and created a beautiful piece that he titled, "Large Paper Crane" in his studio in Brooklyn, New York. A poster of his work is now for sale for $30.00.  Sales from this poster will also be donated to benefit Japan's recovery.  See the poster here  http://bit.ly/qVYdDe and on our bulletin board by the art room. 

B.A. artists, I hope you are proud of yourselves for your global contribution and for making a difference!  It is exciting to see how your efforts along with the efforts of other students around the world continue to inspire others to help our friends in Japan.

Read the South Brunswick Patch News article about our participation in the Paper Cranes for Japan fundraiser by clicking on the link below: