Many people enjoy visiting New York during the holiday season.  One of the highlights is viewing the holiday windows that are so artfully done by department store artists.  This year did not disappoint.  Typically, I see these windows at night.  This year, I saw them during the day, and surprisingly they were even more magical.  At first I thought that the sun glare was going to be a distraction.  I found myself having to get very close to the glass to see all all of the elements of the displays clearly.  I held my camera up to the glass to attempt to take a photo, and that is when I noticed that there was an American flag in the reflection. From my perspective, it looked as if the mannequin was blowing air from her mouth to make the flag wave. I took pics, and then as an afterthought created a video of my stills.  Watch the video above to see the stills come to life.  I wish I had thought about making a stop frame video at the time because I would have held my iPhone more still to create a smoother video.  Regardless, I still think it is pretty cool. 

See more photos of mannequins interacting with reflections in the embedded slideshow. Another exciting discovery was when I realized that many American flags were appearing in reflections on many different windows.

If you are planning on visiting NYC to admire the store windows, be sure to look for reflections too!