FaceWorld Rocks
Faces iMake is one of my favorite apps.  It invites people of all ages to create digital collages using images within the app as well as your own photos. It has received great recognition and won numerous awards, such as the prestigious "Parents Choice Award".  http://www.facesimake.com/

The app developers who created this app (iMagine machine and artist,Hanoch Piven) have just released FaceWorld! FaceWorld allows digital artists to share work within the app and even collaborate to create new collages within the Faces iMake app.  Once an artist is finished with his or her creation, there is an option to post the artwork to FaceWorld.  Others can then view the artwork in the FaceWorld gallery and can even decide to use some of the new objects or images to make another collage.  Learn more about the app developers and about FaceWorld here

I was thrilled to share Faces iMake and my students' digital collages at the National Art Education Association Convention in NYC this past March, but am even more excited about sharing the new possibilities that FaceWorld will bring. 

As a teacher, I am required to infuse technology into my lessons and teach 21st century skills to best prepare my students for the future.  Faces iMake teaches students how to pinch, zoom, resize, move, turn, flip, duplicate, send to back, bring to front, add, remove and delete on an iPad, all while making creative choices to compose digital works of art. In doing so, students meet these National Technology standards:

1. Creativity and Innovation 
Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct 
knowledge, and develop innovative products and 
processes using technology.

a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, 
products, or processes

b. Create original works as a means of personal 
or group expression

 Now, because of the sharing and collaborative features in  FaceWorld, students will be able to meet even more of our National Technology standards:

2. Communication and Collaboration 
Students use digital media and environments to 
communicate and work collaboratively, including 
at a distance, to support individual learning and 
contribute to the learning of others.

a. Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, 
experts, or others employing a variety of digital 
environments and media

b. Communicate information and ideas effectively 
to multiple audiences using a variety of media 
and formats

I've been communicating with these talented app developers and consider myself fortunate to have been invited to try FaceWorld as it was in its beginning stages.  Needless to say, I am crazy about the app and am having a lot of fun making my own creations and posting them to FaceWorld.  My digital collages under the name, "Tiedemania" are featured on the "Featured Artist" page in FaceWorld, which is also very exciting!  I've posted my work at the top and bottom of this blog article, but what I am looking forward to most is seeing how my students will collaborate, create and share!  

See how B.A. 1st graders used Faces iMake last year here: 

If you already have the Faces iMake app, be sure to apply the latest update so that you can access FaceWorld! If yo don't have it yet, it is available in the iTunes Store. 

Have fun!

Make Art and Music
NAEA12 NYC presentation w/ Trica Fuglestad.  Our preso: There's an App for That: iPads in Art Education
My head is still spinning from how amazing the NAEA conference in New York was, and I was only there on Saturday! Though my time was limited, I walked away with lasting memories and very meaningful experiences that are resonating with me and have me dreaming up new possibilities for my students and my art program.

Some of the highlights were that we got to listen to famous artist and photographer, Chuck Close,  talk about his life as an artist. We met 10 year old child prodigy and famous artist, Autumn de Forest too.  She is an incredibly talented young girl with a beautiful spirit and energy to match.

We spoke with Jim Meyers (CEO of Artsonia) for quite awhile about our experience with Artsonia, their new app, and the amazing opportunity they provided for us to have our students featured on the Big Screen.  

 I met so many art teachers from my Twitter PLN (Professional Learning Network) for the first time and was able to put faces to the names of those who have been inspiring me for over a year now.  We all met for dinner, including the Artsonia reps, and approximately 20 others from Twitter.   

The biggest highlight for me was presenting for the first time at NAEA with renowned art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad. Our presentation room was packed. It was really something else to see so many art teachers interested in learning how we infuse ipads in our art programs with our students.   I hope that they will be able to use much of what we shared with their students. 

If you haven't checked out our iPads in Art website, you can link to it here http://ipadsinart.weebly.com/ 

or by clicking the iPads in Art tab at the top of this page.  
For months, I have been working on building a website for a presentation titled, "There's an App for That", that I will be giving with art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad at the National Art Education Association Conference on March 3rd. Instead of distributing handouts, we will be inviting those who attend our presentation to link to our content on the new website. Last night I finally put the finishing touches on the site and it is ready to be shared with the world!  

View the iPads in Art site here   http://ipadsinart.weebly.com/ You will notice that Tricia and I shared our thoughts about iPads in the art room on the home page.  Explore the tabs at the top of the page to view our student's iPad art, our iPad videos on our Vimeo channels, resources that we and others have created, and iPad paintings by famous artists too.  

Tricia and I are looking forward to sharing our work along with providing many great tips at the NAEA Conference.  Now that this website is finished, I need to finish my Keynote slides.  It finally feels like everything is starting to come together!  Very exciting!