Take a sneak peek at the Fabulous Felines 1st grade artists are in the middle of making!  Inspired by artist, Laurel Burch, these students are incorporating the elements of design (line, shape, color, pattern, and balance).  They are careful planners and problem solvers in the art room. We thought you might like to see this unit of study in progress and will post more pics when they are finished.  See Laurel Burch's Fantastic Felines herehttp://laurelburch.com/Flash/felines.html 

1st graders are becoming very skilled at using oil pastels too!  Before these students began working today, one artist reminded our class about being careful because oil pastels can possibly smear. Other tips that students shared were that it is exciting to be able to use white on black paper, and pushing harder will make the colors pop.  It always makes me smile when they offer helpful tips and reminders to their classmates based on previous learning.