Today, Kindergarten students used our Interactive Whiteboard to learn how to draw.  We looked at a photograph of a penguin and discussed the various lines and shapes we noticed. Then, a few students took turns outlining the lines and shapes on top of the penguin photo and a work of art created by a student last year.  Practicing digitally helped these little artists, because students were then able to draw the same lines and shapes onto their papers. 

They will be painting the snow and the bellies of their penguins next week.  The week after that, they will be learning about a career in art, Fashion Design!  We will talk about the clothes we are all wearing, the fabrics they are made with, and the colors and designs we see too. We will talk about Fashion Design and how everything we wear was first planned by an artist. Students will be asked to design a "one of a kind" fashionable hat for their penguins. They will cut and glue their hats in place to make sure their penguins are ready for the snow that will be falling soon. Be sure to check our Artsonia gallery soon so you can see their finished Penguins sporting their fashionable hats!    

Here is the link to our B.A. Artsonia gallery if you would like to see other artworks by B.A. students:
We are currently in the lead in the $5000.00 Kris Wine Grant Contest!  In order to help spread the word and possibly get more votes, we are going to take this to the next level (and by this I mean we are going to make a MUSIC VIDEO of course)!

I downloaded the karaoke version of the popular song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, wrote new lyrics to promote our school for this contest and recorded myself singing our new version. 

To help students learn the words, I created this karaoke video with lyrics so they can practice singing and dancing at home. 

We are soon going to turn this song into a MUSIC VIDEO featuring students, staff and admin!

Please keep the votes rolling in! It will take dedicated voting each day by all of us to help us to stay in first place! 

Directions to vote:

* Click this link.
Note: You must be on a computer to vote, NOT a cell phone or iPad.

* "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page.

* Click "Vote Now"

* Type, "Brunswick Acres" into the box and click "Search"

* Click on the red pin that appears on the map

* Check the box to vote next to our school's name.

* Vote once per day up until October 31st. 

* Help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog post!

Let's Make This Happen Together!!!!  

Thank you for supporting my students and our school!

Jenna and her mom popped into the art room this afternoon after school.  Jenna's mom had ordered a hard copy portfolio book in the Artsonia Gift Shop online. This book featured Jenna's artwork from Kindergaten through First grade. The book arrived in the mail today, and  I was so honored that Jenna's first preview of her portfolio book was with me.  

We flipped through each page, talking about our favorite lessons.  Take a look at the cover of Jenna's book and the page displaying her Fantastic Feline (above)!  Click on each photo to see larger versions.

This is the time of year when more students like to share their Artsonia products with me.  Check out a few student keepsakes below:

Parents, thank you for your participation with Artsonia.  This year, our gallery is ranked #2 in the state of NJ and #16 in the nation! Rankings are determined based on how many comments students receive, how many fans join student fan clubs, how many works of art are uploaded, how many artist statements students compose and how much fundraising we do.  

Artsonia donates 15% of all purchases back to our art program at B.A.
This money directly impacts students as it is spent on supplies and technologies that will enhance your child's art education.

Thank you for supporting your artists and our art program!

K-4th grade students created these interactive chalk drawings on their last days of art class.  Their objective was to draw a scene that they could then become a part of.  They had the option of working alone or with others.  This year, our district web and media non-consent policies were updated. Teachers are now allowed to post photos of students online (if parents did not send in a non-web/media release form).  Because of this change, we are able to share these creative images with the world. These are only a few of the photos taken this past week. More pics will be posted to the B.A. Art Blog soon.  Stay tuned.
Ashlynn: Grade - 3 "Sunset"

Matthew: Grade- Kindergarten "Rainbow Fish"

Jenna: Grade 5 - "Sparkle Through the Trees"

Staff members who have worked in the South Brunswick School District for 20 years were recognized tonight at the Board of Education meeting.  Artists from each of the elementary schools were selected to have their artwork printed and gifted to the honorees.  Joanne Kerekes, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, reflected on some of the memories and special qualities of each employee who has reached this impressive milestone.  Mrs. Kerekes read artist statements written by student artists and their art teachers, and invited each artist to the podium to receive certificates of achievement before presenting their work to the 20 year folks.

The B.A. artists selected for this special award ceremony are Ashlynn (3rd grade), Matthew (Kindergarten) and Jenna (5th grade).  

Congratulations to our artists for being chosen for this special event and to the 20 year honorees!

Thank you to all three of our artists' parents for bringing your children to the Board of Education meeting.   It was a pleasure sharing this special evening with you.

Kindergarten poppies are in bloom in the art room! Be sure to take a look at this beautiful artwork in our Artsonia galleries! 

Click on the image above to link to poppies created by students in Mrs. Thoden's class! 
Jessica's Artsonia "Artist of the Week" plaque and $50.00 Blick Art gift certificate arrived!  Jessica was very proud that she was selected to receive these awards. We discussed and celebrated this news with her class on Friday.

Jessica and her parents decided to donate the $50.00 Blick Art certificate to our art program so that even more students could benefit from her success!  This act of kindness is so very generous and very much appreciated! Congratulations and Thank You to Jessica and her parents! 
Congratulations to B.A. Kindergarten artist, Jessica, for winning the Artsonia Artist of the Week Contest!  Jessica will be receiving a $50.00 Blick Art gift certificate that she can use to acquire art supplies to use at home.  She will also be presented with an award plaque from Artsonia.  Our B.A. Art Program will be receiving a $100.00 gift certificate from Blick Art that will help us to have more art supplies at school!

Thank you to everyone who supported Jessica and took the time to cast votes!  Thank you to Artsonia for selecting Jessica's artwork for this contest and thank you to Blick Art Supplies for the gift certificates.  Everyone who participated in this contest is appreciated for helping to make a difference!
I just learned that Kindergarten B.A. artist, Jessica11439 has been selected to be in Artsonia's Artist of the Week competition! 

Winners are selected based on the total number of votes received.  You can cast your votes from now until the end of Saturday.  To increase her chances, vote from as many different computers and devices as possible. 

Here is the link to vote:

 If Jessica wins, she will receive a $50.00 Blick Art certificate and a commemorative plaque. Our school art program will receive a $100.00 Blick Art certificate to help us acquire more supplies for our artists. 
This is the piece of artwork to vote for (Jessica11439  Flower Collage):

Over the summer, Mrs. Dovas, Mrs. Fine-Mihalko, and I planned for this collaborative project.  It is based on the book, The Monster Engine. The Monster Engine has grown into an internet phenomenon.
About The Monster Engine  

It is a book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition. The premise for all three came from one single question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? It began at the Jersey Shore in 1998, where Dave DeVries' niece Jessica often filled his sketchbook with doodles. While he stared at them, he wondered if color, texture and shading could be applied for a 3D effect. As a painter, he made cartoons look three dimensional every day for the likes of Marvel and DC comics, so why couldn't he apply those same techniques to a kid’s drawing? 
The above text is quoted from The Monster Engine Website.

In the beginning of the year, B.A. Kindergarten artists view drawings from the book and drew their own monsters. 

Each 8th grader in Mrs. Dovas' classes and each 6th grader in Mrs. Fine-Mihalko's classes received a copy of the B.A. Kindergarten monsters. They observed the drawings and created clay sculptures in their likeness. 

This collaboration is allowing artists in our district to be inspired by each other and gain an appreciation for the talents they start to hone in the beginning of elementary school art classes through middle school.

Video soon to follow featuring the sculptures created by Mrs. Fine-Mihalko's students!  See all of the drawings and sculptures in our Artsonia galleries!