5th grade artists learned how to create traditional pinch pots using Crayola Model Magic clay, and then turned their pots into creatures by adding facial features, arms, legs, and tails. 

Before starting this project, we looked at pinch pot creatures that 5th graders at Greenbrook School made using our interactive whiteboard, iPads, and laptop. Some B.A. 5th grade artists used Flip Video cameras to video themselves asking questions about the challenges that they were wondering might lie ahead and complimented the Greenbrook artists on their work as well. 

I imported my student's videos into iMovie, uploaded the file to our B.A. Vimeo Channel, and sent a link to our video to Mrs. Kipnis (the Greenbrook Art Teacher). Mrs. Kipnis shared our video with her artists and they created a reply video for us that was filled with wonderful advice and tips that they thought would be beneficial for us to know. 

Now that our district's web/media policies have been updated, the doors have been opened for student's to collaborate in richer and more meaningful ways. It was really exciting to utilize 21st century technology and web tools and connect with other artists at another school in our district. 

We are hoping that both the B.A. and Greenbrook artists will be able to talk about and admire many of these pinch pot creatures in person at the District Art Gallery this year. 

Thank you again to Mrs. Kipnis and her 5th grade artists for inspiring us and for providing advice and inspiration!

View the B.A. Pinch Pot Creatures in these four Artsonia galleries:


 Greenbrook Pinch Pot Creatures in their Artsonia gallery 
Janine Campbell is an art teacher who teaches art in Michigan at Byron Center Middle School.  She and I met on Twitter and are both a part of our PLN (Professional Learning Network) that includes art teachers, artists, and others.  

After the B.A. Art Blog won the Edublog "Best Teacher Blog" award, Ms. Campbell requested an interview with me. She mentioned that  she was writing a post for the Michigan Art Education Association blog and  wanted to include my insight into the concept of blogging and how it relates to the art room and education. I was flattered to be asked and enjoyed taking the time to reflect about the benefits of having a blog.  She posted our interview Q&A on the Michigan Art Education Association blog today.  Thank you Janine for this opportunity! Link to her blog post here:   http://bit.ly/tYDXyy