Inspired by the image above created by digital artist, Ferdi Rizkiyanto, 4th graders were asked to think about the effects of ocean pollution.  We discussed the harmful effects that plastics and other trash have on sea life, and students were invited to give fish and/or other sea life a voice.  They did their research using books from our school library and created drawings first using pencils and then applied markers and paints.  

This assignment required students to write a word(s) on the bodies of the fish or sea life creature. This word might be something that they would possibly say to humans who mistreat their environment if they could speak.  We are hoping to raise awareness and help protect our ocean and sea life. 

All of these artworks will be uploaded to student online Artsonia galleries.  Stay tuned!

Click on the image above to see it larger. 

See larger version of Ferdi Rizkiyanto's image below: