We read the book, "Leonardo the Terrible Monster" by Mo Willems during art class.  Leonardo tried to be scary and mean to Sam.  After seeing how sad Sam was, Leonardo decided to be a good friend instead.  Leonardo and Sam are both happier being friends. They only scare each other to be silly now.  
1st Grade artists made friendly monsters in honor of Leonardo. 
This lesson was inspired by the "Wild Things" that 1st graders at Dryden Elementary School made.  We watched the video "Visual Texture"
http://vimeo.com/9284044  by Tricia Fuglestad to learn about the many ways artists can use line to create texture. 

Dryden Elementary School artists http://bit.ly/bVZOE1   are going to be our "Artsonia Comment Buddies" this year, along with Lowes Island School http://bit.ly/q4U7sP   and Greenbrook School  http://bit.ly/nnm0dr artists!  We will be visiting their online galleries and sending comments to our buddies during art class and they will be doing the same for us!

Watch the video below featuring "1st Grade Brunswick Acres Monsters".
Inspired by the book, "Wanda's First Day", by Mark Sperring, 2nd grade artists created witches and goblins. "Wanda's First Day" is about a witch who was starting school as a new student. Wanda noticed that she was a little different from all of the other students, as she was the only witch while the other students looked like fairies. We have over 140 new students in our school this year including students in Pre K through 5th grade. Wanda's story enabled us to be aware of what it might feel like to be new to a school or group and also conveyed the important message that it is ok to be different. See more of our work in our Artsonia gallery artsonia.com/​museum/​gallery.asp?exhibit=424528