There are 8 days left to vote and it's no surprise that the Magic 8 Ball says we should "Vote B.A. Daily"!  This sounds like great advice to me!   We need all the votes we can get to stay in 1st place and hopefully win the 1st place grant worth $5000.  Please keep voting for Brunswick Acres each day through October 31st.

Every vote counts and will make a difference for all students of Brunswick Acres School.  Thank you for being part of team B.A.!  

Voting Directions for Newcomers:
You can only vote on a computer not a phone or iPad.

Like the Kris Wine Facebook page
Type Brunswick Acres in the search box.
Click the red pushpin
Check the box.

Vote once each day through October 31st and help to spread the word to others.  

Share our video with others too.  It is important for people know that instead of just soliciting votes, our school turned this opportunity into a creative project.  Our hope is that people will see the efforts made by our students and will consider our school as a worthy recipient of an art grant. If we are fortunate enough to win a grant, students will be able to feel ownership and it will be that much more meaningful!

Our school, Brunswick Acres is competing for the $5000 Kris Wine and Americans for the Arts grant.  Please VOTE for Brunswick Acres.

How To Vote:
*Click this link and "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page

*Type Brunswick Acres in the search box
*Click the red pushpin
*Check the box
*Vote daily until October 31st

The winner is based on the total number of Facebook votes for the top school.  We are currently in 1st place, but noticed that another school advanced 600 votes in one day on Friday.  Our school has been averaging 100 votes per day, so we are hoping that our music video will inspire others to vote for us to keep us in the lead.  We felt it was important to approach this as a creative project instead of just soliciting votes, because we want to prove that we are worthy recipients to receive an arts grant.  

Our video is posted on Vimeo and YouTube! Please consider sharing it with as many people as possible to generate support and votes!

If we win, we will use the money to purchase art supplies.  The cost of supplies continues to rise while our art budget get lower and lower each year.  My students are very respectful with materials.  This grant money would last us for years to come.  

Vote B.A. Oh Yeah!   Thank You!!!

Hi Carly Rae Jepsen!  We hope you like our parody :) Thanks for writing such an awesome song!  Students in every grade (K-5) knew Call Me Maybe, so creating a parody they could sing along to was so much fun for them! 

All the Best,

~Suzanne Tiedemann
Art Teacher
Brunswick Acres Elementary School
Hi Everyone,

I am reaching out to remind you to please continue to vote for Brunswick Acres to win the $5000 Kris Wine Facebook grant.  We are still in 1st place, but another school advanced over 600 votes yesterday. They are obviously starting to network very well.  Our average votes per day has been approximately 100.  

If this other school continues to average 600 votes, they will be in first place by next week. 

Please do what you can to help spread the word to as many people as possible who you think would support our students by voting for Brunswick Acres.

Here is a link to share that explains how to vote for us.

Feel free to post my link to your Facebook wall and explain why it is so crucial to vote for us to keep us in 1st place until October 31st. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming music video, "Vote B.A. Daily".  We had a blast recording our "Whole School" segment on Thursday.

Thank You!  

We have been saving a little time at the end of most art classes to shoot footage for our music video, "Vote B.A. Daily".  A few classes were even able to film while they were working.  They focused on their artwork and objectives of the lesson while seated at their tables. The song played in the background, and when I visited them with my iPhone video camera on, they stood up to sing and dance.  I was really impressed with how many students knew all of the lyrics by heart and fearlessly embraced their moment to shine!

The photo above is a screenshot from a video clip recorded last week featuring 2nd grade students.  We are working hard and having so much fun exploring art, music and dance throughout the day!

Our music video may take another week or so to finally come together. The consent paperwork has taken awhile to collect and organize, but should all be in order very soon. 

In the meantime, please keep voting each day for Brunswick Acres to win the $5000 Kris Wine Grant!  If you are a newcomer, voting is easy.  Here is a link to the directions:

Thank you for your support!

Thank You For Your Support Dryden! from Suzanne Tiedemann on Vimeo.

My school, Brunswick Acres is currently in 1st place to win the $5000 Kris Wine and Americans for the Arts grant. Our school and community have been voting for Brunswick Acres on the Kris Wine Facebook page once each day to try to make a difference for my artists.

My students are too young to vote, so in an effort to create a way for them to be involved, I created a parody of the song, "Call Me Maybe" , titled, "Vote B.A. Daily". Students are currently filming a music video to this song.

Something magical happened this past week! Tricia Fuglestad, amazing art teacher of Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, shared our song with her students. They loved it so much that they expressed an interest in getting their families involved in voting for us. Mrs. Fuglestad then posted our song to the sidebar of her Dryden Art Blog to invite her school community to join forces with us! Check out the Fugleblog here:

Thank you Mrs. Fuglestand, Dryden artists and community for joining forces with us! We are inspired by your work all of the time and feel so honored that you want to support us!

We are currently in the lead in the $5000.00 Kris Wine Grant Contest!  In order to help spread the word and possibly get more votes, we are going to take this to the next level (and by this I mean we are going to make a MUSIC VIDEO of course)!

I downloaded the karaoke version of the popular song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, wrote new lyrics to promote our school for this contest and recorded myself singing our new version. 

To help students learn the words, I created this karaoke video with lyrics so they can practice singing and dancing at home. 

We are soon going to turn this song into a MUSIC VIDEO featuring students, staff and admin!

Please keep the votes rolling in! It will take dedicated voting each day by all of us to help us to stay in first place! 

Directions to vote:

* Click this link.
Note: You must be on a computer to vote, NOT a cell phone or iPad.

* "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page.

* Click "Vote Now"

* Type, "Brunswick Acres" into the box and click "Search"

* Click on the red pin that appears on the map

* Check the box to vote next to our school's name.

* Vote once per day up until October 31st. 

* Help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog post!

Let's Make This Happen Together!!!!  

Thank you for supporting my students and our school!

The Donors Choose grant that I wrote "My 21st Century Artists Need 21st Century Paintbrushes" was fully funded.  Gap Inc. and an anonymous donor generously donated money that enabled us to have four digital styluses to use with our iPads.  Donors Choose requires teachers to send thank you letters created by students to our donors, which we were happy to do of course.  Other requirements are that teachers must type an online thank you letter and upload six photos of students using the grant funded materials.  Click this link to see photos of students using our new styluses, read the grant proposal and thank you letter.  Thank you again to Donors Choose and to our anonymous donor and Gap Inc.! 
The Education Foundation of South Brunswick is a private non-profit organization that focuses its support on enhancing student development and school facilities, encouraging excellence through innovative teaching and learning, and promoting school and community partnerships.  

The organization offers a grant program that provides $500 for individuals or $1000 for a cooperative grant.  I submitted an application that I titled, "iPad 2 Could Provide Numerous "App"ortunities for B.A. Artists", and received notification that my grant application was approved.  Two more iPad2's will be purchased for the Visual Arts Program at B.A. by the spring. We currently have four, therefore, this will make a total of six. More students will now be able to utilize this 21st century device as a valid art making tool and will be able to create digitally in a variety of cross-curricular lessons. 

I am honored that my grant proposal was accepted and thankful to all of the members of the Education Foundation of South Brunswick for putting this technology in the hands of my students.  

Other grant recipients and I were recognized tonight at the Board of Education meeting. It was especially nice to be able to thank a few of the members of the Board of Trustees in person to let them know how meaningful their contribution is to my students and our B.A. Art Program.  

I highly recommend that other teachers consider applying for this grant when it is offered again next fall! Learn more about the Education Foundation of South Brunswick here:
Over the summer, I applied for a grant on This grant for four digital styli was fully funded. Students tested them out today for a few minutes by carving pumpkins using the free app "Carve a Pumpkin" on our iPads. They only spend 2-4 minutes each, but I think they are now ready to paint digitally with these new tools.

See a short video of the B.A. artists in action using our styli below:
  Last year, our district gave me a first generation iPad to use in the art room with students.  I noticed that students desired more accurate results when using the iPad to paint or draw with, so I created a Donors Choose "project" online to try to raise money for styli.  Our project was fully funded because of generous donations by Gap Inc. and an anonymous friend from California.  Gap Inc. wrote, "We gave to this project to help youth fulfill their personal promise and achieve their potential. Be what’s possible".  Anonymous stated, "I donated because I want to support kids in New Jersey".

Because of their kindness and generosity, students will be able to create using these 21st century tools.  See more details about my project proposal, the donors, and my thank you letter by following this link: