Below are photos that art teacher, Linda Devlin, posted to our Shells for NJ Shores Facebook page after her art room had been completely demolished by Hurricane Sandy.  Mrs. Devlin's art room was in the basement of her school, St. Rose High School, in Belmar and the water had filled the space from floor to ceiling. Nothing was salvageable.  Aside from the obvious damage caused to the room and all of the furniture and art materials inside, the flood waters also destroyed all of the artwork her students had created.  This is particularly heartbreaking for high school students because many were in the process of building their portfolios for their college interviews.  

B.A. artists created and sold our shell-themed artwork at the East Brunswick Craft Fair and continued to make sales at school throughout December. See pics and read about this amazing day here in my previous blog posts:

We are hoping that our donation of $1673.00 to the St. Rose High School Art Department will help them in their recovery and rebuilding process. 

Learn more about how my students and I created the Shells for NJ Shores art project, see photos and read stories of the many students across the U.S. who have been joining us to raise money for hurricane relief!

Collaboratively, we have raised and donated $22,390.19 by selling our students shell-themed art and this dollar amount continues to increase each week! 

Through creativity and kindness, we are making a difference! 

Please share our website with anyone you think may want to participate.

Photos: St. Rose High School Art Rooms
One of our 4th grade B.A. artists, Samuel1367, has been nominated to win the Artsonia Artist of the Week Contest!  Please take a moment to vote for his artwork (Winter Trees inside Pink Oval in the 4th -6th grade category) today and then again for the next two days.  He would win $50.00 and our art program would win $100! Here is the link to vote:

You can vote once per day per computer today, tomorrow and Saturday).  If you would like to increase our chances of winning, vote from as many computers as possible.

If you have a moment to share this link with others in your social networks or via email, we sure would appreciate that!

Thank You!
Brunswick Acres raised $1140.00 at the East Brunswick Craft Fair yesterday! Visitors had many complimentary comments to share about how beautiful our students' shell artwork was.  People were also impressed with how much kindness and compassion our school has for others and were happy to support our cause. 100% of money raised will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief. Many thanks to all parents and students who were there to help. We had the best sales-students who were ready to share information with shoppers and even made up songs about our cause on the spot to draw in more customers.  It was wonderful to see our principal Mr. Desai there with his daughter too! All students, families and supporters should share in the joy of the giving spirit, because many people are responsible for our success.  

Randi and Carol of the East Brunswick Craft Fair are beautiful people to have welcomed us to their town's craft fair! It is by far the BEST craft fair in our area and look forward to promoting for them next year. Over 200 amazing vendors! Not only did they welcome us, give us a complimentary table, and put us in a great location, but they also donated their raffle money to our cause!

Visit or join our open Facebook group and stay current with this global project.  So many teachers, students and artists are participating and sharing their artwork, pics and stories. 

Congratulations to everyone involved for making a difference! 

There were so many others who attended the craft fair.  If you took photos that you would like to see included here, please send them to me  and I'll add them!
Click image above to link to the full article about our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Students who were interested in spray painting our shells met me outside during their recess a couple of weeks ago.  We had large groups of very enthusiastic kids who wanted to learn how to apply spray paint. They were willing to wait on long lines just to have a chance to put on the safety goggles and spray a shell gold! One group decided to sing winter carols while waiting. 

We will be selling these shells as ornaments ($5.00 each) at the East Brunswick Craft Fair this Saturday from 10am - 5pm at East Brunswick High School! 100% of all purchases will be donated toward Hurricane Relief through our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Flyers about this event were sent home with students last week. I've added a copy of this flyer below featuring the details.  We are hoping many families will be able to attend. 

Have you visited your Artsonia Gallery yet this year?  I've started to upload artwork and our B.A. Gallery is looking great!  We have so many talented artists in our school and it's wonderful to be able to showcase student work online!  

Some students have already begun to write and post "Artist Statements" about their artwork to let viewers know a little bit about what they were thinking when they were creating their artwork. One of the latest artist statements was written by Samantha (see pic above).  It is obvious that Samantha reflected about her work and the creative choices she made. She also shared how this work of art makes her feel.   

If you would like to tell the world more about your artwork, please do!  Ask your parents to visit your gallery.  Here is the link to our B.A. Gallery

Once you are on your gallery page, your parents should click the yellow box under your artwork that looks like this:

They will need to click "Click Here" and sign in with the email and password they used to activate their account.  Parents, if you do not remember the password you created, please call Artsonia during work hours at 1-(800)-869-9974  
Artsonia will be happy to retrieve your information for you.  

After you are logged in, students can type and post their artist statements!  I'm looking forward to reading what you all have to say about your artwork!  
Last week, South Brunswick Patch reporter, Davy James, contacted me and asked if he could talk to me about our Shells for NJ Shores project.  We chatted on the phone about how Shells for NJ Shores began, the artwork we and other artists are making and how we are raising money to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.  Read all about it here:

Visit our Shells for NJ Shores Website to see more pics, read about other participating schools, and track how much money we are raising together to donate!

Mark your calendar for December 15th!  B.A. will be selling our shell crafts at the East Brunswick High School Craft Fair. See Flyer below for details! 
Brunswick Acres is closed again today, making this the sixth school day to be cancelled since last Monday due to power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Many of us were left without power, some for a longer time period than others. As frustrating as this has been and continues to be for many in our area, the sentiment that seems to be shared by most is that we are feeling very fortunate compared to our friends and families who lost everything along the coast

During these times, we try to do what we can by making monetary donations, dropping off supplies to shelters, inviting people into our homes, traveling to areas that need help with clean up and more.  These efforts are so important for our state to recover from this unprecedented storm damage.  

In an effort to provide a way for kids to help, I created a project called, 
"Shells for NJ Shores" .  It is an art project in which teachers and students everywhere are invited to participate to help Sandy victims. The idea is that students can create and sell "shell-themed" art, make a donation to the organization of their choice and track our progress online so we can see how our heart-work is making a difference.  

To learn more about Shells for NJ Shores, click here or on the image above:

Please pass this along to anyone you think may want to give their children a chance to assist in the recover and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey.

To all of my students and B.A. parents, I hope you are doing well and have had your power restored.  I hope school will be open for us all soon. 

Our school, Brunswick Acres is competing for the $5000 Kris Wine and Americans for the Arts grant.  Please VOTE for Brunswick Acres.

How To Vote:
*Click this link and "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page

*Type Brunswick Acres in the search box
*Click the red pushpin
*Check the box
*Vote daily until October 31st

The winner is based on the total number of Facebook votes for the top school.  We are currently in 1st place, but noticed that another school advanced 600 votes in one day on Friday.  Our school has been averaging 100 votes per day, so we are hoping that our music video will inspire others to vote for us to keep us in the lead.  We felt it was important to approach this as a creative project instead of just soliciting votes, because we want to prove that we are worthy recipients to receive an arts grant.  

Our video is posted on Vimeo and YouTube! Please consider sharing it with as many people as possible to generate support and votes!

If we win, we will use the money to purchase art supplies.  The cost of supplies continues to rise while our art budget get lower and lower each year.  My students are very respectful with materials.  This grant money would last us for years to come.  

Vote B.A. Oh Yeah!   Thank You!!!

Hi Carly Rae Jepsen!  We hope you like our parody :) Thanks for writing such an awesome song!  Students in every grade (K-5) knew Call Me Maybe, so creating a parody they could sing along to was so much fun for them! 

All the Best,

~Suzanne Tiedemann
Art Teacher
Brunswick Acres Elementary School
We are currently in the lead in the $5000.00 Kris Wine Grant Contest!  In order to help spread the word and possibly get more votes, we are going to take this to the next level (and by this I mean we are going to make a MUSIC VIDEO of course)!

I downloaded the karaoke version of the popular song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, wrote new lyrics to promote our school for this contest and recorded myself singing our new version. 

To help students learn the words, I created this karaoke video with lyrics so they can practice singing and dancing at home. 

We are soon going to turn this song into a MUSIC VIDEO featuring students, staff and admin!

Please keep the votes rolling in! It will take dedicated voting each day by all of us to help us to stay in first place! 

Directions to vote:

* Click this link.
Note: You must be on a computer to vote, NOT a cell phone or iPad.

* "Like" the Kris Wine Facebook page.

* Click "Vote Now"

* Type, "Brunswick Acres" into the box and click "Search"

* Click on the red pin that appears on the map

* Check the box to vote next to our school's name.

* Vote once per day up until October 31st. 

* Help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog post!

Let's Make This Happen Together!!!!  

Thank you for supporting my students and our school!

This Saturday, I will be heading into NYC for the National Art Education Association Conference.  I am looking forward to meeting so many great art educators who I have connected with on Twitter.  It sure will be nice to finally be able to put faces to the names that have been the source of incredible inspiration for my students and me. 

Tricia Fuglestad, Theresa Gillespie and I have been planning our presentation, “There’s an App for That: iPads in Art Ed” for about a year now.  Theresa and Tricia live in Illinois, so we prepared using online tools such as Wikis, Google Docs, Skype, DropBox, and more.  Unfortunately, Theresa Gillespie notified Tricia and me that she would not be able to attend the conference, but as Tricia put it, she will be with us in spirit. 

Tricia and I created our presentation using Keynote on our Macs.  We each assembled slides that will inform our attendees why we use iPads, how we manage them, how we manage digital artwork, how we use iPads with students (apps), and what our future goals are. 

We reached out to the developers of the apps we have been using to let them know we would be sharing their apps in our presentation.  Many of them offered to provide us with free app codes.  We are taping the codes to the back of our business cards and giving them away as door prizes!  Some of the apps that we will be giving away, include, Sonic Pics, Faces iMake, Photo Tropedelic, Halftone, Doink, FaceJack, Dramatic Black and White, Grungetastic, NIR Color, PhotoArtista Oil HD, PhotoArtista Haiku HD, PhotoArtista Sketch, Rainy Daze, Romantic Photo, Simply HDR, Snow Daze, Vintage Scene, Artisan Paint and more.

I can’t believe that our presentation day is almost here! I started following Tricia’s work approximately 7 or 8 years ago, so this opportunity to present with her is truly mind blowing!

Check out our presentation website 

I added it as a tab at the top of this B.A. Art Website too. 
Wish us luck!