4th graders are bringing inanimate objects to life (an approach used by artists in different careers). To inspire students, I created a Keynote presentation featuring how this strategy is used by commercial artists, authors and illustrators, photographers and sculptors.  We saw video footage of M&M commercials like this one:  
We also viewed other commercials in which objects have been brought to life.  You may have seen the Geico money with eyes, the Swiffer mop, the adorable Mini Wheat cereal characters? 

We saw a snippet of "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On", the story of a tiny shell living in a large world.  

We also saw a few sculptures by Terry Border.  One in particular was an apple lifting a barbel, which conveyed the message of health and fitness.  

We viewed illustrations from the book, "How are you Peeling".

Finally, we learned about a popular street art form called, "Eye Bombing".   There are various Flickr galleries online that feature images of objects in public spaces that were photographed with googly eyes.  
Students then worked in teams, discussing what objects they may want to give human characteristics and what message or story the object might convey.  
The images in our Artsonia gallery   http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=528734     feature their characters.  Currently, they are in the process of creating mini videos, adding video of their mouths to their objects.  See our videos here 

Over the break I am developing a lesson that will require my students to give their artwork a voice.  The app, "Funny Movie Maker Pro" will be another option aside from FaceJack, Blabberize, and Sonic Pics.  I like that students will be able to video their own mouths moving with this app.  Somehow, the end results seem even sillier.  I just tested the app using a screenshot that I took of a 1st grader's artwork and am already laughing. I am pretty confident that my students will have fun learning how to incorporate art and video too.

Funny Movie Maker Pro app costs $.99 in the iTunes Store.