Many students add Artsonia Keepsakes to their holiday wish lists. Items are on sale now in the Artsonia Gift shop if you would like to order your child's artwork on a keepsake. The products are of high quality. See pics of students with their Artsonia keepsakes below.

Personally, I am loving the "Snappables"!  I purchased the necklace, the ring and three snaps with student work and my own art as well.  I like being able to change the magnetic art snaps to match what I'm wearing.  You can see my Snappable below in my necklace featuring a 3rd grade "Wise Owl". 

Visit the B.A. Artsonia Gallery here:

One of the many wonderful things about Artsonia is that they donate 20% of all purchases to our B.A. art program.

Click image above to link to the full article about our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Students who were interested in spray painting our shells met me outside during their recess a couple of weeks ago.  We had large groups of very enthusiastic kids who wanted to learn how to apply spray paint. They were willing to wait on long lines just to have a chance to put on the safety goggles and spray a shell gold! One group decided to sing winter carols while waiting. 

We will be selling these shells as ornaments ($5.00 each) at the East Brunswick Craft Fair this Saturday from 10am - 5pm at East Brunswick High School! 100% of all purchases will be donated toward Hurricane Relief through our Shells for NJ Shores project.

Flyers about this event were sent home with students last week. I've added a copy of this flyer below featuring the details.  We are hoping many families will be able to attend. 

Brunswick Acres is closed again today, making this the sixth school day to be cancelled since last Monday due to power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Many of us were left without power, some for a longer time period than others. As frustrating as this has been and continues to be for many in our area, the sentiment that seems to be shared by most is that we are feeling very fortunate compared to our friends and families who lost everything along the coast

During these times, we try to do what we can by making monetary donations, dropping off supplies to shelters, inviting people into our homes, traveling to areas that need help with clean up and more.  These efforts are so important for our state to recover from this unprecedented storm damage.  

In an effort to provide a way for kids to help, I created a project called, 
"Shells for NJ Shores" .  It is an art project in which teachers and students everywhere are invited to participate to help Sandy victims. The idea is that students can create and sell "shell-themed" art, make a donation to the organization of their choice and track our progress online so we can see how our heart-work is making a difference.  

To learn more about Shells for NJ Shores, click here or on the image above:

Please pass this along to anyone you think may want to give their children a chance to assist in the recover and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey.

To all of my students and B.A. parents, I hope you are doing well and have had your power restored.  I hope school will be open for us all soon. 

We have been saving a little time at the end of most art classes to shoot footage for our music video, "Vote B.A. Daily".  A few classes were even able to film while they were working.  They focused on their artwork and objectives of the lesson while seated at their tables. The song played in the background, and when I visited them with my iPhone video camera on, they stood up to sing and dance.  I was really impressed with how many students knew all of the lyrics by heart and fearlessly embraced their moment to shine!

The photo above is a screenshot from a video clip recorded last week featuring 2nd grade students.  We are working hard and having so much fun exploring art, music and dance throughout the day!

Our music video may take another week or so to finally come together. The consent paperwork has taken awhile to collect and organize, but should all be in order very soon. 

In the meantime, please keep voting each day for Brunswick Acres to win the $5000 Kris Wine Grant!  If you are a newcomer, voting is easy.  Here is a link to the directions:

Thank you for your support!
Hi Everyone!  Do you want to help our students? It’s easy. Our school can receive up to $10,000 in Target GiftCards® for books or any supplies we need. Wouldn’t that be great? All we need to do is vote for our school each week until September 8. It’s part of Give With Target®. For every 25 votes our school receives, Target will send a $25 gift card. 

Click on the photo above if you are on your cell phone to link to our B.A. page and cast your vote. If you are on your computer, you can click this link to access our B.A. page to cast your vote. 

Below is a snapshot that reveals when each voting week starts and ends. If you voted yesterday on August 11th, you can vote again on August 12th because this is the start of the new voting week.

Thank you for helping to support our students!!!
Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Artsonia Headquarters out in Gurnee, Illinois! Click the photo above to see some behind the scenes pics. Art teachers, Tricia Fuglestad, Theresa McGee, Susan Bivona and I met with the Artsonia team to discuss ideas and offer suggestions.  They have obviously been hard at work putting new features into place that will make this year even better for all of us who participate with Artsonia!

Art teachers, you will definitely want to check this out! Below is a list of what is possible now:

*Earn 20% instead of 15%! Artsonia will donate 20% of every purchase of art keepsakes to your art program!

*Request payment in the form of an iPad, Apple TV or Amazon Gift Card! Of course you can still request gift certificates or direct payment too.  

*Explore ideas regarding how to get new technology in your art room.  Click the “Click Here” option on your fundraising page. From your teacher page, you can click “Technology in the Art Room”.  They have added Tricia Fuglestad’s and my website  as a resource and have also added Theresa Gillespie’s website !

*Select “iPad Art- Generated on iPad Apps” to describe the media of your exhibit when you upload artwork! This will make it much easier to find iPad art when searching for ideas you may want to try with your students.

*Leave positive feedback to your students that will appear immediately near the artwork in the public gallery.  To do this, visit your teacher page. Click “Feedback for Students”.  Select an exhibit and either enter feedback for one student at a time. Alternatively, you can write one comment to send to all students and then click the “copy to all” option.

*Print your students’ “Artist Statements” from the exhibit of your choice!  This will be fantastic when it is time to prepare for art displays and shows! On your teacher page, click “Artist Statements” in your “School Activity” box.  Then, select the year and exhibit you want to print.  Right click anywhere on your page and print.  Instead of having to write or type up name tags, you can now simply select and print name tags featuring artist statements at the same time!  This will save time and makes it possible for viewers to read what your artists have to say about their work!

*Pin artwork to Pinterest using the new “Pin It” button on each of your students’ gallery pages.  Of course you can still share artwork using the Facebook and Twitter buttons too.

*Follow Artsonia on Pinterest 

*Continue to follow Artsonia on Twitter   and Facebook  too! 

*View 10 galleries from the previous year on your school gallery page until you have uploaded new work.  Instead of visiting a blank page, viewers will now start school right where you and your students left off at the end of the year.

Thank you Artsonia for staying current and always looking to grow with us, our students and school communities!

2nd grade artist, Hailey, gave me this Artsonia magnet featuring her artwork! She ordered these to give to her family members at her Holy Communion celebration.

She says that it was her idea to give her loved ones these magnets with her artwork and she hopes everyone likes this meaningful gift!

I was thrilled that she gave me one. It is on display in the art room.
Thank you Hailey! Enjoy your celebration!
Have you seen the new products that Artsonia is now selling?  They are called, "Snappables" and they are the latest rage! Their bottlecap-sized magnetic Art Snaps can be fitted interchangeably into their pendant necklace. You can order a Snappable for each piece of artwork your child has created, then swap them out for a different look each day! Makes a perfect gift for all ages, including moms, grandmas and young artists themselves. Click the image below to link to the Artsonia Gift Gallery. See a preview of what your child's artwork might look like as wearable art by going to the gift gallery through your child's gallery page!

Artwork can either fit entirely on the front of the Snappable or you can crop the image to fill the shape of the Snappable too!