The Education Foundation of South Brunswick is a private non-profit organization that focuses its support on enhancing student development and school facilities, encouraging excellence through innovative teaching and learning, and promoting school and community partnerships.  

The organization offers a grant program that provides $500 for individuals or $1000 for a cooperative grant.  I submitted an application that I titled, "iPad 2 Could Provide Numerous "App"ortunities for B.A. Artists", and received notification that my grant application was approved.  Two more iPad2's will be purchased for the Visual Arts Program at B.A. by the spring. We currently have four, therefore, this will make a total of six. More students will now be able to utilize this 21st century device as a valid art making tool and will be able to create digitally in a variety of cross-curricular lessons. 

I am honored that my grant proposal was accepted and thankful to all of the members of the Education Foundation of South Brunswick for putting this technology in the hands of my students.  

Other grant recipients and I were recognized tonight at the Board of Education meeting. It was especially nice to be able to thank a few of the members of the Board of Trustees in person to let them know how meaningful their contribution is to my students and our B.A. Art Program.  

I highly recommend that other teachers consider applying for this grant when it is offered again next fall! Learn more about the Education Foundation of South Brunswick here: