Janine Campbell is an art teacher who teaches art in Michigan at Byron Center Middle School.  She and I met on Twitter and are both a part of our PLN (Professional Learning Network) that includes art teachers, artists, and others.  

After the B.A. Art Blog won the Edublog "Best Teacher Blog" award, Ms. Campbell requested an interview with me. She mentioned that  she was writing a post for the Michigan Art Education Association blog and  wanted to include my insight into the concept of blogging and how it relates to the art room and education. I was flattered to be asked and enjoyed taking the time to reflect about the benefits of having a blog.  She posted our interview Q&A on the Michigan Art Education Association blog today.  Thank you Janine for this opportunity! Link to her blog post here:   http://bit.ly/tYDXyy 
Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!  Our B.A.  Art Blog won the Edublog Award for "Best Teacher Blog"!  This is an incredibly HUGE honor to receive this GLOBAL recognition and I am thrilled to share it with so many people.  

Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad, Dryden Elementary Art Teacher, nominated our blog and is the reason why winning this award was even possible.  Tricia's blog was a finalist tonight in the "Best New Blog" category and "Best Use of Audio/Video/Podcast". Congratulations Tricia! 

I have been admiring Tricia's teaching philosophies and strategies and have been learning so much from her for years.  She has helped transform the way I teach by sharing her work with me and so many others through her numerous art videos, tutorials, wikis, websites, and more.  When I first joined Twitter about a year ago, Tricia introduced me to all of the art education people in her PLN.  In a very short time frame I was welcomed and became a part of this fabulous group.  We share and learn from each other on a consistent basis, encourage and support each other.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone in my PLN for the first time this March in New York City, where Tricia and I will be presenting with Theresa Gillespie (another awesome art teacher from Illinois) at the National Art Education Conference.  Thank you Tricia for the nomination and for representing me at the awards tonight! 

B.A. students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, my family, friends, PLN, and everyone in our South Brunswick school community deserves to share in this joy with me! We won because you read our blog and because you all took the time to vote!  This award is so much more than winning a contest.  It symbolizes how much art education is valued in our school and township!  I am so proud to teach art in a district that recognizes the importance of art education for our students and supports my efforts as a visual arts educator. 

Over the summer, our district's web/media release policies were updated, which enabled me to post videos and photos of students.  One of the reasons I created the B.A. Art Blog was to open the lines of communication with students and families so that the learning that is going on in the art room can be shared and seen in their homes.  Students feel an even greater sense of pride when they know that their work will be published online here in our blog and in their online Artsonia galleries.  They are excited to learn and set high goals partly because they look forward to sharing their work with an authentic audience of family, friends, peers, other teachers, professionals, and even strangers. 

I am an advocate for 21st century readiness and believe in offering my students various opportunities for critical thinking, creativity and innovation, collaboration, and communication.   I hope that this website and blog will inspire and empower them to continue to develop as artists and global learners and contributors!

Thank you again to everyone who voted for us to win the Edublog Award for Best Teacher Blog! 
Congratulations to all of the Art Education blogs, resources, wikis, and learning networks that were nominated and recognized this year! The Teaching Palette blog by Theresa McGee and Hillary Andrlik were finalists in the Best Group Blog category.  Art Education 2.0 by Craig Roland was a finalist for Best Use of a Social Network.  Hashtag #artsed was a finalist for Best Twitter Hashtag and as previously mentioned, Tricia Fuglestad was a finalist in the Best Use of Video/Audio/Podcast and Best New Blog! Way to go Art Ed!!!!!

View the list of the 2011 Edublog Award winners and finalists here: http://edublogawards.com/announcing-the-2011-winners-congrats-to-all/
To put things into perspective, here are some of the statistics: There were 1792 nominations.  The Edublog site had 65,175 visits since November 14th.  There were 135 blogs from around the world nominated in the “Best Teacher Blog” category.   52 made the short list, including us.  The B.A. Blog won the “Best Teacher Blog” with 665 votes!

Thank you to all of the Edublog folks who put in many hours of work to create this global blog awards contest, monitor and collect votes, and for enabling so many amazingly talented professionals gain global recognition for their blogs and resources!

The photo above is a screen capture by Tricia Fuglestad.  See Tricia's awesome blog here:http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog.html
Thank you again Tricia!

Watch Tricia's video below that shows art ed stats and awards (including a screencast of our winning moment where you can here Tricia say, "Oh My Gosh, She Won"!). 

I am so honored that Tricia Fuglestad (incredibly inspiring art teacher in my PLN) has nominated my B.A. Art Blog for the 2011 Edublog Awards in the category of "Best Teacher Blog".  If you would like to support my students and our B.A. Art Program, please vote!  Voting will be counted one time per day from each IP address from now until December 13th.  Here is a link to vote:  http://edublogawards.com/2011-3/best-teacher-blog-2011/?nominee=suzannetiedemann

You can also click on the nomination badge in the sidebar to access the link to vote!

To vote, scroll to "Best Teacher Blog" under "Category", and scroll to "Brunswick Acres Art Blog" under "Best Teacher Blog".

Who else will I will be voting for?
Best New Blog: Dryden Art by Tricia Fuglestad
Best Educational Wiki: Fugleflicks by Tricia Fuglestad
Best Use of Video/Audio/ Podcasts: Dryden Art 
Best Group Blog: The Teaching Palette
Best Class Blog: Art at Apex High
Best Use of Social Network: ArtEd2.0
Best Free Web Tool: Artsonia
Best Ed Tech/Resource Sharing Blog:The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet