Kindergarten students in Mrs. Thoden's class and 2nd grade students in Ms. Castrantas' class combined their "Love Bird" drawings with a photo of a sky using the app, "Phantasy" on the iPad.  First, they drew "Love Birds" on white paper, outlined them with Sharpie markers, and then colored them with water based markers.  Using my iPhone, I took photos of their work and imported them into the Dropbox app. 

We have the Dropbox app installed on our iPad, so photos quickly appeared for students to edit.  They took turns opening the app, "Phantasy", imported their work, and applied a layer that looked like a sky with clouds.  The background that was once white in their drawings became the sky!  

Phantasy features a variety of different background options. The image of the sky worked perfectly and helped us to combine traditional and digital tools.  

See more of our digitally altered "Love Birds" in our Artsonia gallery:

Dropbox is my all time favorite app when it comes to productivity in the art room.  It allows me to take photos and wirelessly send them to all of our devices and computers in seconds.  Check out Dropbox for yourself here: 

Learn more about the app that we used, Phantasy here:

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Percolator 2 app update and was so excited to receive an email notification to let me know that today was going to be the day!  

Yesterday, I photographed Ms. Moke's 4th grade "Different is Good" portraits and added them to my DropBox folder on my iPhone. The DropBox app is installed on each of our four art room iPads.  It is an app that wirelessly pushes all pics that I want to share to every device and computer that I have.  This way, all photos will be ready for students to work with in seconds.  DropBox is free.  Learn more or create your own account here:

Students took turns importing their artwork into "Percolator" and explored various filters. This new version offers exciting new editing options. The "Stars" and "Treble" settings were two of their favorites! When students were happy with the way their altered artwork looked, they saved their images to the photo gallery.

See their "percolated" artwork in their Artsonia galleries here.

If you are interested in adding Percolator to your app collection, learn more here: