The Donors Choose grant that I wrote "My 21st Century Artists Need 21st Century Paintbrushes" was fully funded.  Gap Inc. and an anonymous donor generously donated money that enabled us to have four digital styluses to use with our iPads.  Donors Choose requires teachers to send thank you letters created by students to our donors, which we were happy to do of course.  Other requirements are that teachers must type an online thank you letter and upload six photos of students using the grant funded materials.  Click this link to see photos of students using our new styluses, read the grant proposal and thank you letter.  Thank you again to Donors Choose and to our anonymous donor and Gap Inc.! 
Over the summer, I applied for a grant on This grant for four digital styli was fully funded. Students tested them out today for a few minutes by carving pumpkins using the free app "Carve a Pumpkin" on our iPads. They only spend 2-4 minutes each, but I think they are now ready to paint digitally with these new tools.

See a short video of the B.A. artists in action using our styli below:
  Last year, our district gave me a first generation iPad to use in the art room with students.  I noticed that students desired more accurate results when using the iPad to paint or draw with, so I created a Donors Choose "project" online to try to raise money for styli.  Our project was fully funded because of generous donations by Gap Inc. and an anonymous friend from California.  Gap Inc. wrote, "We gave to this project to help youth fulfill their personal promise and achieve their potential. Be what’s possible".  Anonymous stated, "I donated because I want to support kids in New Jersey".

Because of their kindness and generosity, students will be able to create using these 21st century tools.  See more details about my project proposal, the donors, and my thank you letter by following this link: