4th graders have begun to review for the upcoming district art assessment test during art class.  The questions about complementary colors seem to be the most challenging for them to answer.  Last year we watched the video, "Complementary in Every Way" by art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad. Perhaps watching the story of how red fell in love with green again will help them to remember. 

All 4th graders will be taking the District Art Assessment Test in two weeks.  This will be a multiple choice Scantron test in which students will answer questions about art knowledge.  They apply the elements and principles of art in every lesson, and demonstrate learning using art tools and media within each art class. Students are typically applying what they learn by problem solving in class, therefore, this pencil/ paper assessment is a different approach and requires practice.  Testing their art knowledge using multiple choice tests is required by our district.

I created an online quiz using http://www.quizrevolution.com/ and students took my quiz using our class set of iPads.  I formatted the quiz so that the questions would appear in random order.  Therefore, students were all answering different questions at different times to ensure they were working independently.

Test your knowledge by taking my quiz below:  


Art Assessment Quiz

Created with cinemagr.am

4th Graders: Are you ready for the upcoming Art Assessment Test?  You have been learning about and applying the elements and principles of art in every lesson we have explored.  You have been developing and expanding your art vocabulary over the years and have had a lot of practice in combining your technical and creative problem solving skills in the art room.  

I created this online quiz to help you to get your mind ready for test taking.  It is important that you take the time to practice taking an art test because typically when we are in the art room, we are doing hands on work rather than taking tests.  We will spend an art class or two to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible with taking a test in the art room.  If you practice at home, this could save us some time and allow us to get back into an art-making mode.  

If you have concerns or difficulty with any of the questions in this quiz, please be sure to let me know so that we can review in class.  

To access the quiz, scroll down and look for the word, "CATEGORIES" on the right of your screen.  Then, click on "District Art Assessment Test".  Click "Start" and take the quiz.