Have you noticed that our Brunswick Acres Artsonia gallery is currently #1 in the entire state of New Jersey in total comments received?  So far 750 comments have been sent to our artists!  How does it feel to have so many people admire your work? It sure does make me feel happy to read all of the thoughtful and supportive words sent to you by your families, friends, fans, students from other schools, and even from people you may not know.  Students, please be sure to thank those who have taken the time to reach out to you on Artsonia.  

B.A. parents, thank you for supporting your young and talented artists!  They enjoy receiving positive feedback and your enthusiasm and encouragement helps to build self esteem and a greater sense of pride!  

Click this link to read the most recent comments sent to our artists 

Directions on how to send a comment to your artist:
1. Click on the "Artsonia" tab at the top of this page.
2. Find a gallery that mentions your son's/daughter's teacher
3. Find your child's name/artwork
4. Click the speech bubble.
5. Click" enter web comment" and write your comment
6: Send your comment.
7. Check your email to approve the comment so that it can be publicly posted online.
8. If you have not yet registered as the parent, contact me using the form on the home page of this website or at suzanne.tiedemann@sbschools.org so that I can assist you.  Please provide the name of your child, your child's grade, and homeroom teacher's name.