5th grade artists learned how to create traditional pinch pots using Crayola Model Magic clay, and then turned their pots into creatures by adding facial features, arms, legs, and tails. 

Before starting this project, we looked at pinch pot creatures that 5th graders at Greenbrook School made using our interactive whiteboard, iPads, and laptop. Some B.A. 5th grade artists used Flip Video cameras to video themselves asking questions about the challenges that they were wondering might lie ahead and complimented the Greenbrook artists on their work as well. 

I imported my student's videos into iMovie, uploaded the file to our B.A. Vimeo Channel, and sent a link to our video to Mrs. Kipnis (the Greenbrook Art Teacher). Mrs. Kipnis shared our video with her artists and they created a reply video for us that was filled with wonderful advice and tips that they thought would be beneficial for us to know. 

Now that our district's web/media policies have been updated, the doors have been opened for student's to collaborate in richer and more meaningful ways. It was really exciting to utilize 21st century technology and web tools and connect with other artists at another school in our district. 

We are hoping that both the B.A. and Greenbrook artists will be able to talk about and admire many of these pinch pot creatures in person at the District Art Gallery this year. 

Thank you again to Mrs. Kipnis and her 5th grade artists for inspiring us and for providing advice and inspiration!

View the B.A. Pinch Pot Creatures in these four Artsonia galleries:


 Greenbrook Pinch Pot Creatures in their Artsonia gallery 
My classes were only 20-25 minutes long today due to our half day schedule. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce my students to our new comment buddies on Artsonia. 

Our "Comment Buddy Schools" are:

Dryden Elementary School:  http://bit.ly/bVZOE1
Greenbrook Elementary School: http://bit.ly/nnm0dr
Lowes Island Elementary School:  http://bit.ly/q4U7sPOur B.A. Gallery:  http://bit.ly/18D5W5 

B.A. artists will be admiring artwork on Artsonia and sending comments to artists who attend these schools. We will be receiving comments from these schools too. Parents, please be sure to approve comments when they arrive in your emails. You must approve them first before they will appear publicly in your child's gallery. 

21st Century skills that students will learn by having comment buddies are listed below:

*Appropriate Digital Citizenship
*Art Appreciation

*How to self promote published online works
*Art and Literacy Connections
*How to use various forms of technology to communicate on a global scale with peers
*How to manage an online portfolio
*How to navigate online in a social platform. 
*How to use the internet for inspiration and as a learning tool.

Sending comments on Artsonia is a great way to support all of the talented artists who have work published in their galleries.  You may want to send comments to students in your class or in our school. This year, we have partnered up with three schools on Artsonia and will be sending comments to artists in these schools too.  They will be sending comments to us as well.  Click on the links below to see their galleries and feel free to send positive comments to students in these schools.  The parents of these artists will be receiving our comments and will have to approve our comments before they are publicly posted.  
Instead of signing your name when you send a comment to our buddies, 
"From Brunswick Acres 3rd Graders"  instead of typing your name. This way, these students will know that they have received a comment from one of their comment buddies!

Dryden Elementary School:   http://bit.ly/bVZOE1
Greenbrook Elementary School: http://bit.ly/nnm0dr
Lowes Island Elementary School: http://bit.ly/q4U7sP
I purchased Apple TV for the art room! It's Awesome!!!  Watch the video below to learn how we are going to use it to enhance lessons with rich multimedia content and how it will allow us to connect the iPad2 wirelessly using AirPlay.
We read the book, "Leonardo the Terrible Monster" by Mo Willems during art class.  Leonardo tried to be scary and mean to Sam.  After seeing how sad Sam was, Leonardo decided to be a good friend instead.  Leonardo and Sam are both happier being friends. They only scare each other to be silly now.  
1st Grade artists made friendly monsters in honor of Leonardo. 
This lesson was inspired by the "Wild Things" that 1st graders at Dryden Elementary School made.  We watched the video "Visual Texture"
http://vimeo.com/9284044  by Tricia Fuglestad to learn about the many ways artists can use line to create texture. 

Dryden Elementary School artists http://bit.ly/bVZOE1   are going to be our "Artsonia Comment Buddies" this year, along with Lowes Island School http://bit.ly/q4U7sP   and Greenbrook School  http://bit.ly/nnm0dr artists!  We will be visiting their online galleries and sending comments to our buddies during art class and they will be doing the same for us!

Watch the video below featuring "1st Grade Brunswick Acres Monsters".