It was my pleasure to attend the Board of Education meeting tonight to celebrate our Brunswick Acres 2012-2013 "Calendar Artist", Umar! 

Umar created this work of art last spring and it was featured in the South Brunswick District Art Gallery.  Students were asked to draw fish and include a word that a fish might say to humans who may mistreat their environment.  This piece was printed on our district calendar and distributed throughout South Brunswick.  

Umar's artwork can also be seen in an Animoto video on our district website.  Click on the image below to link to this video.

Congratulations again 

4th grader, Umar, has been selected to have his artwork in the South Brunswick 2012-2013 District Calendar!  The piece that was selected was his "If Fish Could Talk" drawing.  Congratulations Umar!
Student artwork from each school in South Brunswick was selected at the District Art Gallery last year to be printed in the District Calendar this year.  The calendar was printed in black and white and distributed to all families, but the artwork is currently featured in a color video on the homepage of

The calendar artist from our school is 5th grader Connor for his "Different is Good" painting from last year! 

Congratulations Connor!