Meet Sharon374, our Artsonia Artist of the Week nominee!  We have never had artists from our school nominated two weeks in a row. This is the first time!  Please help 1st grader, Sharon, to win this contest by voting for her today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.  Click this link, locate Sharon374's percolated tree art and click the green "Vote" button under her work.

You can vote one time each day from as many computers and devices as possible.   I have already voted from my personal computer, work computer, iPhone and iPad.   

To increase Sharon's chances of winning, please consider sharing this blog post with your friend and family on your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and by sending emails to your contacts. 

If Sharon wins, she will receive a $50.00 gift certificate for Blick Art supplies and an Artsonia plaque.  Our school art program will win a $100 gift certificate for Blick Art supplies also. 

Good Luck Sharon!!!!  
One of our 4th grade B.A. artists, Samuel1367, has been nominated to win the Artsonia Artist of the Week Contest!  Please take a moment to vote for his artwork (Winter Trees inside Pink Oval in the 4th -6th grade category) today and then again for the next two days.  He would win $50.00 and our art program would win $100! Here is the link to vote:

You can vote once per day per computer today, tomorrow and Saturday).  If you would like to increase our chances of winning, vote from as many computers as possible.

If you have a moment to share this link with others in your social networks or via email, we sure would appreciate that!

Thank You!
Is it possible to create a mixed media work of art digitally?  It is when you are using a wonderful collage based app combined with a drawing/painting app! 

Pretty soon, my students will be creating mixed media portraits using our art room iPads!  In the past, we've created artwork using the app Faces iMake, however, we were always so pressed for time being that we only had a few iPads.  In the interest of trying to give everyone a few minutes to create a collage portrait, students often felt rushed.  

Now that we are fortunate enough to have a class set of iPads in our art room, students will be able to work on projects from week to week using their very own iPads. 

They will start out using the Faces iMake app
and will select, size and arrange various objects to make a face.  

Then, they will save their work and import the image into the Brushes app

Using our styluses, students will outline and paint new details over their collages. Be sure to visit our Artsonia Gallery to see these works of art when they are finished!

Many students add Artsonia Keepsakes to their holiday wish lists. Items are on sale now in the Artsonia Gift shop if you would like to order your child's artwork on a keepsake. The products are of high quality. See pics of students with their Artsonia keepsakes below.

Personally, I am loving the "Snappables"!  I purchased the necklace, the ring and three snaps with student work and my own art as well.  I like being able to change the magnetic art snaps to match what I'm wearing.  You can see my Snappable below in my necklace featuring a 3rd grade "Wise Owl". 

Visit the B.A. Artsonia Gallery here:

One of the many wonderful things about Artsonia is that they donate 20% of all purchases to our B.A. art program.

Have you visited your Artsonia Gallery yet this year?  I've started to upload artwork and our B.A. Gallery is looking great!  We have so many talented artists in our school and it's wonderful to be able to showcase student work online!  

Some students have already begun to write and post "Artist Statements" about their artwork to let viewers know a little bit about what they were thinking when they were creating their artwork. One of the latest artist statements was written by Samantha (see pic above).  It is obvious that Samantha reflected about her work and the creative choices she made. She also shared how this work of art makes her feel.   

If you would like to tell the world more about your artwork, please do!  Ask your parents to visit your gallery.  Here is the link to our B.A. Gallery

Once you are on your gallery page, your parents should click the yellow box under your artwork that looks like this:

They will need to click "Click Here" and sign in with the email and password they used to activate their account.  Parents, if you do not remember the password you created, please call Artsonia during work hours at 1-(800)-869-9974  
Artsonia will be happy to retrieve your information for you.  

After you are logged in, students can type and post their artist statements!  I'm looking forward to reading what you all have to say about your artwork!  
Our Artsonia Leadership Award arrived this week! Click the image to see a larger version). Even though my name is written on the certificate, this is an award that we all earned together.  Leadership awards are based on the total number of uploaded artworks, fan club members, comments, artist statements and fundraising.  Last year, Brunswick Acres finished out the year ranked #2 in the state of New Jersey and #15 in the Nation!  Congratulations to us!

Students and parents, I hope you continue to enjoy participating in Artsonia.  I have started to upload works of art this year.  Please be as patient with me as you always have been when it comes to seeing your child's artwork online.  Almost all of the photographing, edition, uploading and management of the 550 student galleries is done on my own personal time as there is very limited time for me to do this work during the school day.  There are days when my time may be more limited than others.  

Also, I encourage you to download the free Artsonia app!  This app enables you and your child/children to take photos of artwork created at home and upload these works to a personal gallery!  If you are interested in joining me to help your child's online gallery to grow, you can start uploading anytime.  

If you do not have a smartphone, you can still upload artwork by using your camera and computer.

Email me if you have any questions about this.  I am happy to help.

Congratulations to all of us for achieving this leadership award!
Important Information: Regarding Your Child's Participation with Artsonia and our District  Web/ Media Non- Consent Policies

Dear B.A. Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the new 2012-2013 school year! 

Please read the following information carefully, as it may affect your child's ability to participate in Artsonia as well as other online opportunities this year.

Over the years I have taken great pride in and derived much excitement and pleasure from being able to share student work and creative achievements online.  It is important to note that last year our district Non-Consent Forms were updated.

Parents, your child/children will be receiving Media and Web Non-Consent Forms to bring home to you. Please note that if you sign and submit the 2012- 2013 South Brunswick School District Media and/or Web Release Non-Consent Forms to the school, your child will 
NOT have artwork featured on Artsonia _  this year.  This means that your child will not have any artwork published online and will have all current artwork hidden.   Even though you may have granted permission last year, the return of the Non- Consent Forms this year will remove your child from Artsonia and will prohibit publication on all and any district-hosted or district-approved websites.  If you submit a Non- Consent Form, your child's gallery will be hidden by mid September. 

However, if you do not submit a Non-Consent form, then your child's gallery will remain on Artsonia and your child will continue to have artwork published. 

In addition, if you submit a Non- Consent form, you will eliminate the possibility for me to post photographs, selected work, and videos of your child working with other students and me in the art room on our  B.A. Art Website (link to B.A. Art Website below) that will feature our B.A. Artsonia Gallery, a B.A. Vimeo Channel,  the B.A. Art Blog, Engaging Art Activities, and our iPads in Art Website. 

If you do nothing, and do not submit a Non-Consent Form, then you may possibly have the opportunity to see photos and/or videos of your child working with other students and me in the art room on our B.A. Art Website,  B.A. Artsonia Gallery, B.A. Vimeo Channel and/or our B.A. Art Blog/News! (Link to B.A. Art Website Below) 

Submit a Non-Consent Form = No Artsonia for Your Child and you will not be able to see your child in art related videos or working with other children and me in the art room. An override form can be offered to you if you submit a non media/web form. Learn more about this form below.
Do nothing and do not submit a Non-Consent Form= Your Child Will Continue To Have Artwork on Artsonia and you may possibly have the opportunity to see your child in art related videos and photographs working with other children and me.

Preview the new South Brunswick Media and Web Non-Consent Forms here:

Override Form: An override form can be made available to parents who want to only give permissions for me to post artwork and or photos/videos of students. This form would be made available to you if our records indicate that you have submitted a non web/media consent form. If you sign the override form, this means you only agree to allow me to post your child’s work and/or photo and video but do not grant general consent.

There are a lot of new and exciting things happening this year for our artists! Please be sure to check out our B.A. Art Website and sign up to receive automatic email alerts.  In doing so, you will receive an email when I add a new blog post.  Our B.A. Art website offers a variety of ways to celebrate student's accomplishments, share art related news, and provide access to engaging art activities that students can access in school and at home.    

There is already exciting news on our Blog/News page! 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

I hope the first day of school was wonderful for everyone!   I am looking forward to another fabulous year!


Suzanne Tiedemann
Art Teacher
Brunswick Acres Elementary School

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Artsonia Headquarters out in Gurnee, Illinois! Click the photo above to see some behind the scenes pics. Art teachers, Tricia Fuglestad, Theresa McGee, Susan Bivona and I met with the Artsonia team to discuss ideas and offer suggestions.  They have obviously been hard at work putting new features into place that will make this year even better for all of us who participate with Artsonia!

Art teachers, you will definitely want to check this out! Below is a list of what is possible now:

*Earn 20% instead of 15%! Artsonia will donate 20% of every purchase of art keepsakes to your art program!

*Request payment in the form of an iPad, Apple TV or Amazon Gift Card! Of course you can still request gift certificates or direct payment too.  

*Explore ideas regarding how to get new technology in your art room.  Click the “Click Here” option on your fundraising page. From your teacher page, you can click “Technology in the Art Room”.  They have added Tricia Fuglestad’s and my website  as a resource and have also added Theresa Gillespie’s website !

*Select “iPad Art- Generated on iPad Apps” to describe the media of your exhibit when you upload artwork! This will make it much easier to find iPad art when searching for ideas you may want to try with your students.

*Leave positive feedback to your students that will appear immediately near the artwork in the public gallery.  To do this, visit your teacher page. Click “Feedback for Students”.  Select an exhibit and either enter feedback for one student at a time. Alternatively, you can write one comment to send to all students and then click the “copy to all” option.

*Print your students’ “Artist Statements” from the exhibit of your choice!  This will be fantastic when it is time to prepare for art displays and shows! On your teacher page, click “Artist Statements” in your “School Activity” box.  Then, select the year and exhibit you want to print.  Right click anywhere on your page and print.  Instead of having to write or type up name tags, you can now simply select and print name tags featuring artist statements at the same time!  This will save time and makes it possible for viewers to read what your artists have to say about their work!

*Pin artwork to Pinterest using the new “Pin It” button on each of your students’ gallery pages.  Of course you can still share artwork using the Facebook and Twitter buttons too.

*Follow Artsonia on Pinterest 

*Continue to follow Artsonia on Twitter   and Facebook  too! 

*View 10 galleries from the previous year on your school gallery page until you have uploaded new work.  Instead of visiting a blank page, viewers will now start school right where you and your students left off at the end of the year.

Thank you Artsonia for staying current and always looking to grow with us, our students and school communities!

Congratulations to all B.A. 5th grade students!  I've been working with many of you since you were in kindergarten and will miss you next year.  Please know my door is always open and I hope you will come back and visit!  

Since I will no longer be uploading artwork for you, I've joined your fan clubs on Artsonia and hope that you and your families will continue to upload your incredible works of art in the future.  I have already received emails to let me know that some of you have already added new works of art to your galleries! This is so wonderful to see!

One of the many very special things about Artsonia is that you will literally be able to have your entire art portfolio available to you from the time you are a very young child into your adult years! 

I look forward to following your progress and keeping in touch by sending comments to you as much as possible. 

Have a wonderful summer and best of luck to you at Crossroads School!

By the way.....Your end of year "Mixed Media Peacocks" are absolutely beautiful!!!
Watch the video by Tricia Fuglestad below to see how Snappables work!