Look what arrived today!  5 iPevo iPad Keyboard/Cases!  iPevo is giving away technology to teachers!  I made my "wish" by submitting a paragraph on the iPevo website by clicking on the "Wishpool" tab  http://www.ipevo.com/wishpool      and within a few days my wish was granted! Read my wish here:


Thank you iPevo for gifting my students and me this technology!  We are so thankful! 

Below are photos that art teacher, Linda Devlin, posted to our Shells for NJ Shores Facebook page after her art room had been completely demolished by Hurricane Sandy.  Mrs. Devlin's art room was in the basement of her school, St. Rose High School, in Belmar and the water had filled the space from floor to ceiling. Nothing was salvageable.  Aside from the obvious damage caused to the room and all of the furniture and art materials inside, the flood waters also destroyed all of the artwork her students had created.  This is particularly heartbreaking for high school students because many were in the process of building their portfolios for their college interviews.  

B.A. artists created and sold our shell-themed artwork at the East Brunswick Craft Fair and continued to make sales at school throughout December. See pics and read about this amazing day here in my previous blog posts:

We are hoping that our donation of $1673.00 to the St. Rose High School Art Department will help them in their recovery and rebuilding process. 

Learn more about how my students and I created the Shells for NJ Shores art project, see photos and read stories of the many students across the U.S. who have been joining us to raise money for hurricane relief!  

Collaboratively, we have raised and donated $22,390.19 by selling our students shell-themed art and this dollar amount continues to increase each week! 

Through creativity and kindness, we are making a difference! 

Please share our website with anyone you think may want to participate.

Photos: St. Rose High School Art Rooms
Meet Sharon374, our Artsonia Artist of the Week nominee!  We have never had artists from our school nominated two weeks in a row. This is the first time!  Please help 1st grader, Sharon, to win this contest by voting for her today, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.  Click this link, locate Sharon374's percolated tree art and click the green "Vote" button under her work.  http://www.artsonia.com/museum/aotw/vote.asp

You can vote one time each day from as many computers and devices as possible.   I have already voted from my personal computer, work computer, iPhone and iPad.   

To increase Sharon's chances of winning, please consider sharing this blog post with your friend and family on your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and by sending emails to your contacts. 

If Sharon wins, she will receive a $50.00 gift certificate for Blick Art supplies and an Artsonia plaque.  Our school art program will win a $100 gift certificate for Blick Art supplies also. 

Good Luck Sharon!!!!  

B.A. students, if you would like to create a Google logo and enter it in the Doodle 4 Google contest, I'd be happy to submit your entry.  This year's theme is "My Best Day Ever"!  Here is the link to the Doodle 4 Google website where you can download an entry form and drawing template.  Please be sure to ask your parents to complete the form after you create your drawing on the template.  Bring both pages (the form and your artwork) to the art room as soon as you are finished creating your doodle. http://www.google.com/doodle4google/index.html

See Google Doodles created by B.A. students years ago in our Artsonia Gallery 

Copied from Doodle for Google Website:
This year, we ask students to exercise their creative imaginations around the theme, “My Best Day Ever…” One talented student artist will see their artwork appear on the Google homepage, receive a $30,000 college scholarship, and a $50,000 technology grant for their school along with some other cool prizes!
One of our 4th grade B.A. artists, Samuel1367, has been nominated to win the Artsonia Artist of the Week Contest!  Please take a moment to vote for his artwork (Winter Trees inside Pink Oval in the 4th -6th grade category) today and then again for the next two days.  He would win $50.00 and our art program would win $100! Here is the link to vote:

You can vote once per day per computer today, tomorrow and Saturday).  If you would like to increase our chances of winning, vote from as many computers as possible.

If you have a moment to share this link with others in your social networks or via email, we sure would appreciate that!

Thank You!
Is it possible to create a mixed media work of art digitally?  It is when you are using a wonderful collage based app combined with a drawing/painting app! 

Pretty soon, my students will be creating mixed media portraits using our art room iPads!  In the past, we've created artwork using the app Faces iMake, however, we were always so pressed for time being that we only had a few iPads.  In the interest of trying to give everyone a few minutes to create a collage portrait, students often felt rushed.  

Now that we are fortunate enough to have a class set of iPads in our art room, students will be able to work on projects from week to week using their very own iPads. 

They will start out using the Faces iMake app
and will select, size and arrange various objects to make a face.  

Then, they will save their work and import the image into the Brushes app 

Using our styluses, students will outline and paint new details over their collages. Be sure to visit our Artsonia Gallery to see these works of art when they are finished! 

I received an email from a mother/son app developing team based in Bulgaria yesterday.  Marina and Hrisoto Staykov released the app Amaziograph and thought I might find it to be a useful app in the art room.  They generously gifted their app to me to explore, and let's just say I was hooked immediately!  

This app takes me back to the days when I taught my students how to create tessellations using paper and markers.  The discovery of the Amaziograph app is inspiring me to want to teach how to create 21st century tessellations using iPads.  This video is a demo of how to use some of the functions within the app.  There are a number of grids and possible lessons that can be taught using this app.  I am looking forward to teaching traditional as well as digital tessellation- making in the art room.  

View the "How To" demo video I created below to see how I created my tessellations. 

The mirror  and kaleidoscope grids are also wonderful.  I recall teaching a lesson in which students wrote their names in script on a folded paper, superimposed the continuous line in their names and then designed an insect out of the letters.  With this app, students can turn the iPad sideways, write their name on the line and print their names in mirror image format.  Then, they can use traditional tools to design their insects, aliens, etc (see below).

 (First Name Written in Script)

(First Name Printed and Flipped Vertically: Ready to Transform into Insect/Alien/etc.)

The kaleidoscope function can be used to draw snowflakes, flowers, mandalas, etc.   

There are plenty of ways for us art teachers to design rich and engaging lessons that can incorporate traditional and traditional tools using this app.

Brunswick Acres raised $1140.00 at the East Brunswick Craft Fair yesterday! Visitors had many complimentary comments to share about how beautiful our students' shell artwork was.  People were also impressed with how much kindness and compassion our school has for others and were happy to support our cause. 100% of money raised will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief. Many thanks to all parents and students who were there to help. We had the best sales-students who were ready to share information with shoppers and even made up songs about our cause on the spot to draw in more customers.  It was wonderful to see our principal Mr. Desai there with his daughter too! All students, families and supporters should share in the joy of the giving spirit, because many people are responsible for our success.  

Randi and Carol of the East Brunswick Craft Fair are beautiful people to have welcomed us to their town's craft fair! It is by far the BEST craft fair in our area and look forward to promoting for them next year. Over 200 amazing vendors! Not only did they welcome us, give us a complimentary table, and put us in a great location, but they also donated their raffle money to our cause!

Visit or join our open Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/441972662526279/ and stay current with this global project.  So many teachers, students and artists are participating and sharing their artwork, pics and stories. 

Congratulations to everyone involved for making a difference! 

There were so many others who attended the craft fair.  If you took photos that you would like to see included here, please send them to me Suzanne.Tiedemann@gmail.com  and I'll add them!
Many students add Artsonia Keepsakes to their holiday wish lists. Items are on sale now in the Artsonia Gift shop if you would like to order your child's artwork on a keepsake. The products are of high quality. See pics of students with their Artsonia keepsakes below.

Personally, I am loving the "Snappables"!  I purchased the necklace, the ring and three snaps with student work and my own art as well.  I like being able to change the magnetic art snaps to match what I'm wearing.  You can see my Snappable below in my necklace featuring a 3rd grade "Wise Owl". 

Visit the B.A. Artsonia Gallery here: http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=1620

One of the many wonderful things about Artsonia is that they donate 20% of all purchases to our B.A. art program.


2nd graders in Ms. Castrantas' class (above) and in Mrs. Babler's class (below) decided that they wanted to work on a level 0 voice level today, which means they decided that they should not talk at all while they were working.  Because of this choice, they were working independently and it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and film them as they worked.  They loved the snow effect in the Video Star app and enjoyed hearing the music, "Snow Day" by Toby Lightman as I filmed with an iPad. The camera on the iPad 2 is not the best, which is why this video is not as clear as the ones that I normally shoot with my iPhone, but it was fun to mix it up a bit.

They are so proud of the progress they are making with their winter rabbits!  Stay tuned and you will be able to see them in our Artsonia Gallery.