Harshini (12th grader) is a former student of mine. She attended B.A. from 1st through 5th grade.  Last year she invited me to attend her National Honor Society induction and at the same time, she asked if she could do her Senior Society placement with me. I accept this position on a first come first serve basis, and asking a year in advance assured her that the spot was hers.  Harshini graduates high school this week and is going to the University of Pittsburgh next year!  She spent the last couple of weeks assisting me in the art room.  It was wonderful to have her help and to spend time catching up too.  We managed to find time for her to be creative once again in the art room with me.  This video features Harshini's melted crayon artwork.  We recycled an old wall hanging, added gesso, applied crayons using hot glue and used a blow dryer to melt the crayons. 
Thank you again Harshini!!! Best of luck to you next year!!!!!
12th grade student, Harshini, is doing her Senior Society  volunteer placement with me in the art room.  Harshini is a former elementary student of mine.  She is going to college with the goal of becoming an Oncologist.  She says that the creative thinking and problem solving skills she learned in art class have helped her with her studies and reaching goals throughout her schooling.  Studies have proven that the arts are essential and benefit student test scores and success, however, it is always pretty wonderful to  hear this first hand from former students.

Harshini is still very much into art and her medium of choice these days is photography.  She created the ink blot creature above along with other students I was teaching last week.  I thought it would be fun to upload her work to her Artsonia gallery, considering the last time I published her work was when she was in 5th grade.  

Something unexpected happened!  Her fan club members must have received an email notification and started sending her comments about her new work!  I love Artsonia for so many reasons.  The fact that my former students have the ability to access their elementary school artwork they created for years and years to come is very special.  Click on the photo of Harshini's ink blot monster above to link to her gallery, see her artwork and read her comments. 

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