Above is an inspirational Ted Talk by a 6th grade app developer named 
Thomas Suarez.  

5th grade students at B.A. worked in groups, pretending to be app developers. Initially, their task was to brainstorm and discuss what apps might help to solve problems or fill a need in the world. Each group then discussed the purpose of their app, the features their app may have, how much they would sell it for, and decided whether or not they felt that this app would be marketable. 

Working as a team required students to collaborate and communicate their ideas to ensure that their efforts would be successful. Many groups invented one series of apps so that they could each create a variation to be released at different dates. This idea required students to design a logical sequence that would be applied to each new app. For example, some felt it would be wise to release the first app of their series for free to gain interest. Then, if their app was a success, they said they could release other apps with more features and priced accordingly. 

After viewing various icons in the iTunes Store, students were required to design icons that they felt would best represent their products. They each wrote descriptions about their apps, and listed the app features and price. 

See 5th grade app ideas and icons in our Artsonia galleries:





Some students participated in a Skype Video call with an app developer named James Alliban yesterday. We have created art using a couple of Mr. Alliban’s apps in the art room (Composite and Konstruct ), so it was very meaningful for us to have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be an app developer. Stay tuned to see the video footage that students took during our conversation with Mr. James Alliban.  

1st grade artists are in the middle of a unit inspired by the book, "The Lima Bean Monster" by Dan Yaccarino. Students are painting vegetable and fruit portraits to remind us that we should eat our veggies and fruits to stay healthy. Veggie and fruit portraits are also being created on our iPads using the app Faces iMake. 

Watch a 34 second video clip of 1st graders creating "Veggie and Fruit Portraits" below and view more app artwork in our Artsonia gallery

3rd grade artists want to help polar bears.  We discussed global warming & the effects it is having on our earth and wildlife in art class.  Students know that if our polar ice disappears, Arctic animals could have trouble surviving. Students are recycling & using compost bins.  They unplug chargers when devices are finished charging.  Some students even use energy saving light bulbs.  All of these things help reduce the effects of global warming. What will you do to reduce your carbon footprint?  

View our polar bears on Artsonia!  Please remember to send comments to our talented artists! http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=458697

Congratulations to Jaydin for winning Artsonia's "Artist of the Week" contest.  Jaydin received 1047 votes and will be receiving a $50.00 Blick Art Supply gift certificate and a plaque!  Our school art program will also be receiving a $100.00 gift certificate from Blick Art Supplies too!  Way to go Jaydin!   Congratulations!  Thank you to everyone who voted for Jaydin!
Click this link to view the winners in all categories:http://www.artsonia.com/museum/aotw/

Please click this link on November 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th and cast your vote for Jaydin13 to win the Artist of the Month contest on Artsonia.    http://www.artsonia.com/aotw/vote/0/15723880     

You can vote one time each day from every computer, phone, iPad, iPod Touch, and tablet that you have access to.  I have already voted on 10 computers, my iPad and my phone today!  Voting ends on November 26th.  If Jaydin wins, he will receive a $50.00 gift certificate and our art department will win a $100.00 gift certificate.  

Congratulations Jaydin for being nominated!  
Mrs. LaRocca's 3rd grade students accessed their artwork using an online form that I created on Artsonia. From within their classroom, students took turns finding their work within the form. They typed their artist statements and clicked "submit" when they were finished. 

Since I could not be there while they were doing this work, I gave Mrs. La Rocca one of our Flip Video cameras and asked if students could film each other for a few seconds so that I could see them working on their statements. 

It was a pleasure to read and approve all of the artist statements from within my teacher account on Artsonia. All statements are now posted underneath student artwork in our gallery: bit.ly/s834Gr

We did not have enough time during art class for students to write their statements. Thank you Mrs. La Rocca for allowing students to compose their statements during your class time and for participating in this wonderful art, writing, and 21st century skills cross curricular lesson!

Many students create their own artwork at home and bring it to school to share.  As an art teacher, one of my goals is to inspire students to become independent artists who are willing to be innovative, take risks, and create and solve their own problems.  I enjoy celebrating their independent work and when possible, I try to make time to video brief presentations.  These videos each feature a few artists talking about their artwork, describing the process, and their feelings toward their finished pieces.  Feel free to leave comments about their work and/or presentations by filling in the comment box below.  
The holidays are just around the corner. Many families have enjoyed purchasing their children's artwork on keepsakes to give as holiday gifts.   Artsonia has offered the coupon above that is valid to use until November 30th.  


Inspired by the fall season and artwork by artists at one of our buddy schools (Dryden), 3rd grade artists at B.A. created these beautiful pumpkin landscapes. Thanks Mrs. Fuglestad and Dryden artists! Watch the video above to see us working diligently in the art room.  

Students used our interactive whiteboard to practice concepts digitally before working physically at their tables. We looked at the lines that Vincent Van Gogh painted in the "Starry Night" and then used our digital markers to trace over some of the swirls and spirals in the painting.

Students then mixed primary colors blue and yellow to make the secondary color green to paint the grass. They mixed primary colors blue and red to make the secondary color purple to paint the wind in the sky. 

Artists cut out three pumpkins. We discussed foreground, middleground and background before gluing the pumpkins into place. Some students practiced moving pumpkin shapes around digitally on our interactive whiteboard prior to working physically. 

Worksheets and our whiteboard enabled students to practice drawing curved lines on pumpkins prior to drawing them on their artwork to make the pumpkins look more three dimensional and round. The artists cut, glued, and outlined leaves onto their landscapes and outlined their pumpkins and horizon lines as well.

Students will be reminded that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on all that we are thankful for and will have the opportunity to compose artist statements that will appear under their artwork in their Artsonia galleries. See students typing their artist statements in this video below.
I am thankful to be able to share my love of art with my amazing student artists! 

Please view the "3rd Grade Pumpkin Landscapes" galleries on Artsonia by clicking the "Artsonia" tab at the top of this page.  I am sure that students would be "thankful" to receive comments about their work.  Click on the "Comment" bubble on your child's gallery page to send a web comment.  Also, remember to log into your Artsonia account to approve comments.  After you approve them, they will appear on your child's page.  If you need assistance, please contact me using the form on the home page of this website. 
A very exciting package arrived for us in the art room!  A donor who has requested to remain anonymous has generously donated two iPad2’s to the B.A. Art Program! My students and I are so very touched to know that this donor believes in us and the work we are doing.  This kind and absolutely incredible gesture will undoubtedly inspire even more enthusiasm and an even stronger desire to learn in the hearts and minds of my students.  The addition of these two iPads will make it possible for more students to have the opportunity to create digitally as well as develop 21st century skills. 

It brings me such joy to see my students so eager to learn! Thank you “Anonymous Donor” for enabling us to infuse these devices into our curriculum and for making such a meaningful contribution. I will be sure to post student iPad work online so that you will be able to see what you helped to make possible.

We are overwhelmed and so very appreciative! Thank you again for this generous gift and for supporting the student artists and Art Program at Brunswick Acres!