Kindergarten poppies are in bloom in the art room! Be sure to take a look at this beautiful artwork in our Artsonia galleries! 

Click on the image above to link to poppies created by students in Mrs. Thoden's class! 


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 The flowers are all planted in the backyard and the garden will be ready soon too.  Yesterday, I set up my time-lapse camera in front of one of the flower pots for a few hours.  This morning, I imported my still frames (photos) into iMovie and then used the app, Cinemagram to animate the photos above. 

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday weekend and finding a little time to be creative!  

Jessica's Artsonia "Artist of the Week" plaque and $50.00 Blick Art gift certificate arrived!  Jessica was very proud that she was selected to receive these awards. We discussed and celebrated this news with her class on Friday.

Jessica and her parents decided to donate the $50.00 Blick Art certificate to our art program so that even more students could benefit from her success!  This act of kindness is so very generous and very much appreciated! Congratulations and Thank You to Jessica and her parents! 

4th graders are bringing inanimate objects to life (an approach used by artists in different careers). To inspire students, I created a Keynote presentation featuring how this strategy is used by commercial artists, authors and illustrators, photographers and sculptors.  We saw video footage of M&M commercials like this one:  
We also viewed other commercials in which objects have been brought to life.  You may have seen the Geico money with eyes, the Swiffer mop, the adorable Mini Wheat cereal characters? 

We saw a snippet of "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On", the story of a tiny shell living in a large world.  

We also saw a few sculptures by Terry Border.  One in particular was an apple lifting a barbel, which conveyed the message of health and fitness.  

We viewed illustrations from the book, "How are you Peeling".

Finally, we learned about a popular street art form called, "Eye Bombing".   There are various Flickr galleries online that feature images of objects in public spaces that were photographed with googly eyes.  
Students then worked in teams, discussing what objects they may want to give human characteristics and what message or story the object might convey.  
The images in our Artsonia gallery     feature their characters.  Currently, they are in the process of creating mini videos, adding video of their mouths to their objects.  See our videos here

2nd grade artists are in the middle of a family and friends unit. They had the choice of either drawing their family members or a group of friends as “Fantastic Felines”.  This unit allowed students to bring in personal feelings and thoughts about people they care about.

The drawing lesson required that students explore the concept of depth and perspective by overlapping cats in size order depending on height and age of their loved ones.  Two principles of design most focused on in this unit of study are pattern and contrast.  Each cat features an interesting pattern.  Redimark markers allow students to flood black into shapes and make thick lines, while Sharpie markers are enabling them to create thinner lines.  The idea is to create a good balance of contrast between the black and white.  

Typically, the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers".  It sure has been raining a lot this May though, so I guess we should be saying "May showers bring May flowers" in the art room.  

3rd grade artists viewed the work of artist Gale Kaseguma and are currently working on spring inspired tissue paper collages.  They are cutting, gluing, and applying tissue paper to design well balanced floral compositions.  

They are problem solving during this process and making creative decisions while they work.  For example, they are cutting and overlapping layers of lighter colors in order to create more contrast. If their stems are difficult to see, they are adding extra layers too.  They are also discovering that they can make new colors by overlapping two pieces of tissue paper.  We have mixed colors using paints and oil pastels in the past, but this is the first time they have created new colors using this medium.

Students are brushing Mod Podge onto their work with old paintbrushes. When this glue is dry, their artwork will reveal interesting textures and will have a glossy shine. 

See their work in progress in the slideshow above.  Expect to see these pieces in our B.A. Artsonia gallery when they are finished. 

See Gale Kaseguma's artwork here: 
"Teacher Appreciation Week" was last week.  Our AWESOME P.T.O provided teachers with a staff lunch luncheon on May 8th which was wonderful . Thank you!  I appreciate all that you do for our school community too!

Students showed their appreciation by thanking teachers during class and even applauding when entering classrooms!  Some arrived with special cards and drawings for me, which made me feel very special. 

Today, I found an apple on my desk with a note (See pic).  How thoughtful!

Thank you to our entire community for making teachers feel very special! Your acts of kindness are all very much appreciated.  The sentiment and respect is mutual!  

Take a sneak peek at the Fabulous Felines 1st grade artists are in the middle of making!  Inspired by artist, Laurel Burch, these students are incorporating the elements of design (line, shape, color, pattern, and balance).  They are careful planners and problem solvers in the art room. We thought you might like to see this unit of study in progress and will post more pics when they are finished.  See Laurel Burch's Fantastic Felines here 

1st graders are becoming very skilled at using oil pastels too!  Before these students began working today, one artist reminded our class about being careful because oil pastels can possibly smear. Other tips that students shared were that it is exciting to be able to use white on black paper, and pushing harder will make the colors pop.  It always makes me smile when they offer helpful tips and reminders to their classmates based on previous learning.   
4th graders have begun to review for the upcoming district art assessment test during art class.  The questions about complementary colors seem to be the most challenging for them to answer.  Last year we watched the video, "Complementary in Every Way" by art teacher, Tricia Fuglestad. Perhaps watching the story of how red fell in love with green again will help them to remember. 

All 4th graders will be taking the District Art Assessment Test in two weeks.  This will be a multiple choice Scantron test in which students will answer questions about art knowledge.  They apply the elements and principles of art in every lesson, and demonstrate learning using art tools and media within each art class. Students are typically applying what they learn by problem solving in class, therefore, this pencil/ paper assessment is a different approach and requires practice.  Testing their art knowledge using multiple choice tests is required by our district.

I created an online quiz using and students took my quiz using our class set of iPads.  I formatted the quiz so that the questions would appear in random order.  Therefore, students were all answering different questions at different times to ensure they were working independently.

Test your knowledge by taking my quiz below: