This is an incredible video about a boy who built an elaborate arcade out of boxes and how his only customer made his day by creating an event on Facebook (flash mob at Caine's Arcade). A "Must See"! 

Today marks 3 weeks since the Caine's Arcade video was posted online. Here is a bit of what has happened:

Over 5 million views/tears/smiles.
$195,571 raised for Caine's Scholarship Fund!
$250,000 matching grant to start the Caine's Arcade Foundation to insipire creativity and entrepreneurship in more kids!!
Countless cardboard arcades popping up in kitchens and schoolrooms around the world.
110,000 of the best fans on Facebook. 

Congratulations to B.A. Kindergarten artist, Jessica, for winning the Artsonia Artist of the Week Contest!  Jessica will be receiving a $50.00 Blick Art gift certificate that she can use to acquire art supplies to use at home.  She will also be presented with an award plaque from Artsonia.  Our B.A. Art Program will be receiving a $100.00 gift certificate from Blick Art that will help us to have more art supplies at school!

Thank you to everyone who supported Jessica and took the time to cast votes!  Thank you to Artsonia for selecting Jessica's artwork for this contest and thank you to Blick Art Supplies for the gift certificates.  Everyone who participated in this contest is appreciated for helping to make a difference!
I just learned that Kindergarten B.A. artist, Jessica11439 has been selected to be in Artsonia's Artist of the Week competition! 

Winners are selected based on the total number of votes received.  You can cast your votes from now until the end of Saturday.  To increase her chances, vote from as many different computers and devices as possible. 

Here is the link to vote:

 If Jessica wins, she will receive a $50.00 Blick Art certificate and a commemorative plaque. Our school art program will receive a $100.00 Blick Art certificate to help us acquire more supplies for our artists. 
This is the piece of artwork to vote for (Jessica11439  Flower Collage):
Most 3rd graders in Mrs. Farber's class needed extra time to complete their Alice in Wonderland inspired Teacups.  As they finished, I allowed them to explore our new iPads. First, they learned how to take an online art assessment quiz. After they finished the quiz, they spent a few minutes learning how to take photos using PhotoBooth.  They found the "mirror" effect and many others to be hilarious.  Take a look at the photos above and you will see why! 

The creative idea of posing with iPads in front of their faces came from one of these students! Click on the images to see larger versions.   

This was the first time that students learned how to take photos using PhotoBooth.  In the future, students will be using our iPads to photograph their artwork and much more.  
Have you seen the new products that Artsonia is now selling?  They are called, "Snappables" and they are the latest rage! Their bottlecap-sized magnetic Art Snaps can be fitted interchangeably into their pendant necklace. You can order a Snappable for each piece of artwork your child has created, then swap them out for a different look each day! Makes a perfect gift for all ages, including moms, grandmas and young artists themselves. Click the image below to link to the Artsonia Gift Gallery. See a preview of what your child's artwork might look like as wearable art by going to the gift gallery through your child's gallery page!

Artwork can either fit entirely on the front of the Snappable or you can crop the image to fill the shape of the Snappable too!

Art Assessment Quiz

Created with

4th Graders: Are you ready for the upcoming Art Assessment Test?  You have been learning about and applying the elements and principles of art in every lesson we have explored.  You have been developing and expanding your art vocabulary over the years and have had a lot of practice in combining your technical and creative problem solving skills in the art room.  

I created this online quiz to help you to get your mind ready for test taking.  It is important that you take the time to practice taking an art test because typically when we are in the art room, we are doing hands on work rather than taking tests.  We will spend an art class or two to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible with taking a test in the art room.  If you practice at home, this could save us some time and allow us to get back into an art-making mode.  

If you have concerns or difficulty with any of the questions in this quiz, please be sure to let me know so that we can review in class.  

To access the quiz, scroll down and look for the word, "CATEGORIES" on the right of your screen.  Then, click on "District Art Assessment Test".  Click "Start" and take the quiz.

Our district's literacy initiative this year is inspired by the book, Alice in Wonderland. Our entire community was invited to read and celebrate the story of Alice.  3rd graders drew stacked teacups after watching the "Un-Birthday Party" scene on YouTube.  Learn more about this lesson here: 
Shivani's and Ally's teacups were selected to be in a special "Alice in Wonderland" art exhibit at the Senior Center.  You can see their teacups in the photo above.  Exact dates and times will be announced soon.  Congratulations Ally and Shivani!  
4th grader, Umar, has been selected to have his artwork in the South Brunswick 2012-2013 District Calendar!  The piece that was selected was his "If Fish Could Talk" drawing.  Congratulations Umar!
I created this speaking Mona spoof using the Funny Movie Maker Pro app. 

Sometimes, when it is time to clean up, I say, "Mona" and students then reply by saying, "Lisa". I learned this attention grabbing strategy from a few fellow art teachers on Pinterest. The idea is that students should reply by saying, "Lisa", while posing like this famous portrait. They should have their arms folded, mouths closed, and eyes on the speaker. 

Instead of saying Mona, I shared this video with my students. They thought it was a fun twist to see Mona come to life and assist us with preparing to clean up.

Have you discovered the Draw Something app yet?  It's an app you can download for free on iTunes that allows you to draw and guess what others are drawing too.  It's super fun and engaging and can even improve your ability to create quick sketches and drawings.  I just started to save some of my doodles on a Zapd website that I created.  See my DrawSomething doodles here

Download the Draw Something app on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone